003-4820-01 Sun StorageTek 9840D Cleaning Cartridge

003-4820-01 Sun StorageTek 9840D Cleaning Cartridge

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  • Manufactured by: Sun Microsystems
  • Model: 003-4820-01
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Imation 9840 Pre-Barcoded Single Cleaning Y Cartridge for A/B/C/D drives Part #: 003-4820-01

  • Brand: Sun / Oracle
  • Part #: 003-4820-01
  • Specs:-
  •   ::  Type: Cleaning Cartridges
  • Compatibility:
  •        Oracle/Sun/
  •   ::  StorageTek 9840 A
  •   ::  StorageTek 9840 B
  •   ::  StorageTek 9840 C
  •   ::  and StorageTek 9840 D drives
  • Condition: New
  • Warranty: 1 (one) year Tekmart Africa warranty

Key points to note on these 003-4820-01 SUN StorageTek 9840D cleaning cartidges and the tape drives they are used on:-

These Imation 9840 Pre-barcoded Cleaning Cartridges are manufactured by Imation. The 9840 cleaning tapes come pre-labelled with barcodes ready for use. These StorageTek 9840 drive cleaning cartridges have a Ú' indentifier indicating they are for use with A, B and C 9840 drives. These Sun Microsystems 003-4820-01 cleaning tape allows up to 100 cleanings before it has to be replaced by a new one.

These 9840-D Series Cartridges are designed to protect against damage due to impact such as when a cartridge is dropped. The dual reel design divides the weight evenly so that an impact is absorbed more evenly than single reel models. This combined with small crush pads allow for a stronger tape cartridge.

... and now on the tape drives

Oracle’s StorageTek T9840 tape drive family provides a range of products designed for fast-access to data stored on a midpoint loading tape cartridge. The drive is either rack mounted or used in various StorageTek libraries. There are four drive models for the enterprise and client-server environments.

  • ::  The T9840A and T9840B drives have a 20 GB uncompressed cartridge capacity.
  • ::  The T9840C drive has a cartridge capacity of 40 GB (uncompressed).
  • ::  The T9840D encryption-capable tape drive has a cartridge capacity of 75 GB (uncompressed).

The Imation BlackWatch 9840 Tape Cartridge is made for use in StorageTek 9840 tape drives. The 9840 tape cartridge has a native capacity of up to 20GB on the 9840 A & B drive, up to 40GB on the 9840 C drive, and up to 75GB on the 9840D drive.
The tape is a Metal Particle (MP) tape suitable for use on all Oracle/Sun/StorageTek 9840 A, B, C and D drives. The 9840 tape has an archival life of 15-30 years.

Fast access drives efficiency

The access-centric StorageTek T9840D tape drives provide you with the industry’s fastest access to data and nearly double the capacity of the StorageTek T9840C tape drive – up to 75 GB. The drive’s fast access times boost productivity and the increased capacity simplifies media management.

What’s more you can reduce power, cooling, and acquisition costs by deployment energy-efficient tape instead of disk for applications such as check imaging and hierarchical storage management.

Dual-hub technology speeds data access

Enabled by dual-hub technology, the StorageTek T9840D tape drive delivers an average access time of 16.5 seconds, which is, on average, four times faster than competitive drives. What’s more, the StorageTek T9840D tape drive is the only enterprise-class fast-access tape drive with an average access time of less than 20 seconds, including load and thread.

Improves efficiency in mainframe environments

The StorageTek T9840D tape drives provide direct-attach ESCON or FICON options, which help enable remote storage applications and improve business continuance. You can support distances up to nine kilometers with ESCON and up to 100 kilometers with FICON without channel extensions or significant reductions in throughput.

Thanks to direct connection, you decrease cost, complexity, and points of failure. What’s more, you can use the StorageTek T9840D tape drives with the StorageTek Virtual Storage Manager (VSM) system to speed active data retrieval or with hierarchical storage management software to centralize storage management.

Enables high performance SANs

The StorageTek T9840D offers a native 2 Gb, fabric-aware Fibre Channel interface that enables high-powered connectivity. So you can implement a high-speed SAN with confidence. With a 200 MB/sec burst data rate and a 30 MB/sec sustained data transfer rate, the StorageTek T9840D helps reduce network congestion and gives you the performance you need to place more and more data on cost-effective tape. Plus, you gain the speed you need for backups and disaster recovery.

 In open systems environments, you can use the StorageTek T9840D tape drives with StorageTek ACSLS Manager software to implement a centralized library management solution that allows you to dynamically allocate library resources without hard partitioning tape slots.

Ensures Longevity-Reusing media protects your existing investments

When you upgrade to the StorageTek T9840D tape drive, you can reuse the same media you’ve used in the three prior generations. That’s because the fourth-generation StorageTek T9840D tape drive uses the same Sun StorageTek 9840 data cartridge as the StorageTek T9840A, T9840B, and T9840C tape drives.

Mix and match tape drives

This protects your investment and enables you to leverage your existing media assets with the StorageTek T9840D to meet changing storage requirements, enabling you to mix and match tape drives in StorageTek tape libraries to achieve the optimum balance of access and capacity.

For example, you can reformat existing cartridges to store higher capacities and apply your media budget to the purchase of capital assets.

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