005050442 EMC VMAX 400GB SSD/EFD 6Gbps SAS 3.5 MLC Flash Drive

005050442 EMC VMAX 400GB SSD/EFD 6Gbps SAS 3.5 MLC Flash Drive

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  • Manufactured by: EMC
  • Model: 005050442
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EMC VMAX 400GB SSD/EFD 6Gbps SAS 3.5″ MLC Flash Drive Part #: 005050442

  • Brand: EMC
  • Part #: 005050442
  • Specs:-
  •   ::  Drive Type: SSD/EFD
  •   :: Capacity: 400GB
  •   :: Form Factor: 3.5 Inch with Tray
  •   :: Interface: 6GBPS SAS, 4GB/S FC
  •   :: Model: HUSML4040ASS600
  •   :: Platform Compatibility: 
  •                            VMAX
  • Condition: Refurbished
  • Warranty: 1 (one) year Tekmart warranty

Maximize the performance of your EMC Symmetrix VMAX. The EMC 005050442 is a 400GB SSD SAS hard drive in an EMC 3.5″ FC caddy. 

EMC VMAX 005050442 Hard Drives-An Overview

EMC Symmetrix VMAX systems provide the industry’s most complete range of tiering options to optimize storage environments. Driven by constant data growth, today’s storage platforms must efficiently accommodate much larger capacities and higher performance while leveraging the best of emerging technologies.

>> VMAX architecture provides a high-end, multi-dimensional storage subsystem that can scale beyond the confines of a single system footprint.

>> VMAX systems support Enterprise Flash, Fibre Channel, SAS, and SATA drive types, using the same 3.5″ drive carriers (however SAS drives are 2.5″ devices for high efficiency operations). The underlying physical storage in the VMAX system consists of three storage basic tiers, including EMC Flash Drives, Fibre Channel Drives, and SATA II 7200 RPM drives.

>> Flash storage provides the highest performance and cost per Gigabyte. Symmetrix VMAX systems support up to 2,400 Enterprise Flash drives per system.

>> Enterprise flash drives provide ultra-high performance. Fibre channel and SAS drives provide high performance. SATA drives provide high capacity.

>> All Flash drives support two independent I/O channels with automatic failover and fault isolation.

Key points to note on these 005050442 EMC SSDs:-

Applications of the 400GB SSDs 005050442

  •   ::  EMC Symmetrix VMAX storage system platform has many applications for open systems and mainframe computing.
  •   ::  The system scales from a single Symmetrix VMAX engine system with one storage bay to a large, eight-engine system with a max of ten storage bays.
  •   ::  Each bay contains sixteen disk array enclosures (DAE), containing 15-25 hard drives each.

 005050442 EMC 400GB SSD VMAX Best-Usage Applications

  •   ::  Virtualization
  •   ::  Tiered storage
  •   ::  Automated channel failover for max availability and load-balancing
  •   ::  Avoiding performance bottlenecks
  •   ::  Achieve highest levels of data security

EMC VMAX Enterprise Flash Drives

Enterprise flash drives, like the 005050442 400GB SSD, are suited for application with drive-intensive activity that require the fastest data storage and retrieval. Flash drives improve performance in mixed workload environments because they improve response time for read-miss activity, even when workloads have relatively low read-miss ratios.

Any workload that is I/O intensive can benefit from better read-miss response times. Examples include:

  •   ::  OLTP applications
  •   ::  Oracle and DB2 databases
  •   ::  Microsoft Exchange collaboration server
  •   ::  SAP R/3

A Symmetrix VMAX system with Flash drives can deliver single-millisecond application response times and up to 30 times more IOPs than traditional 15,000 RPM Fibre Channel disk drives. In addition,because there are no mechanical components, Flash drives require up to 98 percent less energy per IOPS than traditional disk drives.

To satisfy enterprise-level drive requirements, NAND single-level cell Flash technology was made more robust with static and dynamic wear leveling functions, bad block remapping, and multi-bit error correction. Because of these reliability enhancements and the fact that the drive has no moving parts, the life expectancy of the Flash solid-state device exceeds that of hard disk drives.

Flash drives deliver excellent reliability as well. There is comprehensive validation that includes environmental, manufacturing processes, quality, performance, reliability, and availability with all EMC flash drives.

These drives are guaranteed, and Enginuity monitors their operational status just like every other drive in the system. Leveraging NAND reliability and intelligent wear leveling ensures that these drives will have a life expectancy of over five years.

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