00XW5C Dell PowerEdge Server 8gb iDRAC VFlash SD Card

00XW5C Dell PowerEdge Server 8gb iDRAC VFlash SD Card

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  • Manufactured by: Dell
  • Model: 00XW5C, 0XW5C
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Dell 8GB Class 10 iDRAC V FLASH SD Card Module DPN: 00XW5C, 0XW5C

  • Brand: Dell
  • Part #: 00XW5C, 0XW5C
  • Specs:-
  •   ::  Type: V-Flash Cards
  •   ::  Capacity: 8GB
  •   ::  Format: SD
  •   ::  Speed Class: Class 10
  • Condition: New
  • Warranty: 1 (one) year Tekmart warranty

Key points to note on these 00XW5C Dell SD Cards:-

The vFlash device is a removable SD card that provides a per-system local storage space.

vFLash is an SD card on the server’s front panel and it is connected to and controlled by the iDRAC. It emulates USB flash storage to the operating system (OS), but its content can be updated remotely through the iDRAC network. Some of the applications of vFlash include:

  • ::  Back up and restore the platform in case you need to replace the motherboard.
  • ::  Download a custom image, and instruct the BIOS to boot to it.
  • ::  Store data for the local OS user.

The vFlash SD card can be up to 16 GB and can be divided into multiple partitions. You can use Dellprovided SD cards or your own as long as you have the iDRAC Enterprise license.

vFlash is a function of Dell Life-Cycle controller of Dell PowerEdge 11th- and 12th-generation servers that provides a shared storage space between the server system and its iDRAC.

The storage resides on an external vFlash SD card inserted into the system. The SD card can be up to 16GB. This shared space adds much flexibility to the systems management functions. On one hand, vFlash provides a convenient in-band storage space for the system. Systems management processes, like operating system deployment or application installation, may use storage spaces to hold deployment images that may not be readily available on an unconfigured baremetal system.

On the other hand, vFlash can also serve as an out-of-band storage space for the systems management functions running on the iDRAC. It is frequently used by systems management as the storage space to back up and restore system configurations.

Because the same vFlash space can be shared by both the in-band and out-of-band applications, the out-of-band systems management can place contents on the vFlash to be shared with the system applications.

All these vFlash operations can be performed remotely without physical access to the system. This is a great convenience for a data center system administrator when physical access to a system is difficult.

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by Motsamai M.

The iDrac on our Dell T320 server was acting funny and for a strange reason would only recognize generic SD cards as 256MB maximum. It required a genuine Dell iDrac flash card to get the 4Gb, 8Gb, or 16Gb capacity. So we ordered one of these. Delivery was quick and the vflash SD card arrived as described. The price also seemed ok. It plugged in and works just fine, 8Gb available space now. Thanks.




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