078-000-050 EMC VNX5700 VNX7500 & CX3-80 SPS Replacement Battery

078-000-050 EMC VNX5700 VNX7500 & CX3-80 SPS Replacement Battery

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  • Shipping Weight: 30kg
  • Manufactured by: EMC
  • Model: 078-000-050,078-000-054,078-000-
  • Availability :In Stock
  • Units in Stock : 23

EMC VNX5700, VNX7500 & CX3-80 SPS Replacement Battery (2200W) DPN: 078-000-050,078-000-054,078-000-049,100-809-008,078-000-086

  • Brand: EMC
  • Part #: 078-000-050
  • Alt Part # (s): 
  •   ::  078-000-054
  •   ::  078-000-049
  •   ::  100-809-008
  •   ::  078-000-086
  • Specs:-
  •   ::  Max Power Output: 2200W
  •   ::  Input: 200-240V AC
  •   ::  Output: 200-240Vac, 250Vdc AC/DC
  • Compatibility:-
  •   ::  CLARiiON CX3-80
  •   ::  Celerra NS-960
  •   ::  CLARiiON CX4-960C
  •   ::  EDL-CLARIION DL5200
  •   ::  SYMMETRIX VMAX 40K
  •   ::  VNX7500
  •   ::  VNX8000
  •   ::  VPLEX VS1
  •   ::  VPLEX VS2
  • Condition:
  •   ::  Refurbished with new battery cores.
  • Warranty: 1 (one) year Tekmart warranty

Key points to note on these 078-000-050 EMC 2.2Kw SPS Batteries:-

EMC VNX5700, VNX7500 & CX3-80 2200W 2U SPS Replacement Battery 078-000-050 / 100-809-008

Tekmart Africa is dedicated to providing top quality standby power supplies to keep your EMC storage array running smoothly. This particular model with part numbers 078-000-050 & 100-809-008, is used by the EMC VNX5700, VNX7500 & CX3-80 when the 4U DAE is used as a Vault drive.

All EMC SPS units are fully refurbished with brand new battery cores and come with a 1 (one) year Tekmart  warranty.

EMC VNX7500, VNX5700 & CX3-80 Standby Power Supply (SPS) Replacement Battery 078-000-050 / 100-809-008

As shown in Figure 1, the VNX5700, VNX7500 & CX3-80 SPE uses two 2.2-kilowatt 2U SPSs to maintain power to the storage system during a power loss; this allows a full dump of the write cache to a reserved area on the persistent disk. In the case of the 078-000-050, SPS power output connectors are used to power the SPE as well as to power the first DAE on the first back-end loop.

EMC VNX5700 & VNX7500 2200W SPS 078-000-050 / 100-809-008 Diagram

Figure 1. View of 078-000-050 / 100-809-008 Standby Power Supply (SPS)

It is important to cable each SPS so it connects completely to either the A side or the B side. For example, if you are looking at the SPS from the back, they should be configured as follows:

  • ::  SPS on the right: Power-out and sense cables should connect to power supply A and SP A.
  • ::  SPS on the left: Power-out and sense cables should connect to power supply B and SP B.

If an SPS is cabled with the SPS sense cable going to SP A and the power-out cable going to power supply B (or vice versa), error conditions are displayed when the SPS is tested while it is charging.


**Please note: EMC VNX5700, VNX7500 & CX3-80 2200W 2U SPS Replacement Battery is not a UPS**

The SPS is just to protect the write cache. I am saying "just" because this component is not an UPS at all. If there is a power failure  it will allow the cache to be flushed to the vault disks hence avoiding data to be lost/corrupted. This process is only a few minutes..Tekmart Africa Support.

Reviews (2)

by Patrick M.

Good experience. FedEx expensive for heavy equipment. Otherwise simple and easy ordering process, but you should add DHL delivery as option

by Ben G.

Exactly what we needed to clear up an issue with a faulted SPS unit in our VNX storage array. The support helped with getting it installed properly. System is running normally again without any issues. Thanks.




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