286716-B22 HP 146GB U320 SCSI HP 10K

286716-B22 HP 146GB U320 SCSI HP 10K

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  • Manufactured by: HP
  • Model: 286716-B22
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HP 146GB U320 SCSI HP 10K HPN: 286716-B22

Family: Proliant DL380 G3 Options - Ultra320 (U320) 3.5" (LFF) Hard Drives

146GB Ultra320 3.5-inch SCSI Hot-Plug 10K Hard Drive
In HPE Hot-Plug Hard Drive tray
Genuine HPE serial number and firmware

Part Number(s):
Option Part# 286716-B22
Spare Part# 289044-001
2-5-2 Part# 3R-A3841-AA

HP Compaq Hard Drives undergo an intense qualification process that eliminates data integrity problems firmware and O/S incompatibilities and other causes of data corruption or premature failure. HPE Compaq Hard Drives are specifically designed and tested for flawless operation in your equipment. 

Ideal for enterprise server/storage units, the 146.8 GB HP drive is a 3.5-inch 10000 RPM hard drive. The Ultra 320 SCSI interface enables you to transfer data between the HP internal HDD and the host at 320 Mbps speed by satisfying substantial storage and backup businesses requirements.

The S.M.A.R.T technology in this 10000 RPM hard drive enables you to monitor, analyze and report device attributes by avoiding unexpected downtime and data loss.

Since the 146.8 GB HP drive has hot-plugging capability, you can connect or disconnect the HP internal HDD without shutting-down your system, thus improving the drive’s performance and efficiency.

Category Proliant Hard Drive
Sub-Category 10K
Generation Ultra320
Part Number 286716-B22
Model 286716-B22
Capacity 146 GB
Height 1.0 inch/2.54 cm
Width 4.0 inch/10.16 cm
Interface Ultra320 SCSI
Data Transfer Rate 320 MB/s
Seek Time Single Track 0.55ms
Seek Time Average 4.9ms
Seek Time Full Stroke 10.0ms
Rotational Speed 10K
Bytes/Sector 512
Manufacturer HP/Compaq
Application Server Storage
Server Type HP/Compaq Proliant
Backward Compatability U2 and U3 speeds
Pre-Failure Warranty Yes
This HP U320 SCSI hard drive with Part #  286716-B22 is compatible with the following servers:
BL20p G1, BL20p G2, BL20p G3, BL25p, BL40p, BL45p G1, BL60p, CL1850, CL380, DL360 G1, DL360 G2, DL360 G3, DL360 G4, DL360 G4p, DL380 G1, DL380 G2, DL380 G3, DL380 G4, DL385 G1, DL560, DL580 G1, DL580 G2, DL580 G3, DL585 G1, DL590, DL740, DL760, ML330 G1, ML330 G2, ML330 G3, ML350 G1, ML350 G2, ML350 G3, ML350 G4, ML370 G1, ML370 G2, ML370 G3, ML370 G4, ML530 G1, ML530 G2, ML570 G1, ML570 G2, ML570 G3, ML750

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