Dell AC Power Adapters

Genuine OEM Dell-branded ac-adapters undergo rigorous testing by qualified engineers to ensure compatibility and reliability in your Dell systems.

These adapters enable you to simultaneously operate your system and charge its battery from electrical power outlets. They come bundled with 1 meter power cord. Most of these ac adapters incorporate a rubber strap for easy cable management and a LED light ring on the DC connector. These variable Watt AC Adapters from Dell are specially designed to meet the power needs of your Dell laptops. 


00285K OEM Dell 45w Power Adapter Charger

OEM Power Adapter Charger for Dell 45w DP/N 00285K 070VTC 0KXTTW Brand: Dell Part #:  Dell 45w DPN 00285K ,0285K  Alt. Part #(s): ... more info

0R2M8K Dell 90W USB-C AC Adapter for Latitude 5310 2-in-1

Replacement Dell 90W USB-C AC Adapter for Dell Latitude 5310 2-in-1, Latitude 5410, Latitude 5510, Precision 3550, Latitude 9410 2-in-1, XPS 15... more info

6C3W2 Dell Latitude 7390 Laptop 90-Watt Slim AC Adapter

Dell Latitude 7390 Replacement Notebook Power Ac Adapter DPN: 6C3W2 Brand: Dell Part #: 450-AGRK,6C3W2,06C3W2 Manufacturer Part#: MYRTG... more info

ADP-130EB BA Dell 130W 19.5V 6.7A 4.5mm X 3.0mm Tip AC Adapter

Dell 130W 19.5V 6.7A 4.5mm X 3.0mm Tip AC Adapter For Dell Optiplex 3050 7050 7060 AIO Inspiron Vostro Latitude DPN: ADP-130EB BA,2N6MD,02N6MD ... more info

R2M8K Dell Latitude 7390 90W AC Power Adapter with USB Type-C

Dell Latitude 7390 OEM 90-watt AC Power Adapter with USB Type-C Connector 90 Watt DPN:TDK33,R2M8K Brand: Dell Part #: TDK33,R2M8K,59TVW ... more info

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