Bargain Basket

Here we  refer to the unsorted selection of IT assets; server parts, older version software packages, and other hard-to-find computer components which have been discounted in price. Reasons for the discount range from the closure of companies to a steep decline in an item's popularity. Another reason for the discount is that  the particular product(s) line being discontinued. 

It's not a secret.

Manufacturer's standard policy is to attempt to provide support for hardware for up to 5 years from the last date they sell it, which is commonly called the EOL or End-Of-Life Date. After that, they want you to go out and spend a whole lot of money on a completely brand new system even if the old one is running just fine-almost.

We disagree and don't think that makes any economic sense.

Our view is that in most cases than not, you would  just need replace the replaceable components  and continue enjoying your legacy systems !

We have therefore put our years of expertise to action to save you money with our EOL Support options. Unlike these manufacturers, our support continues for as long as you need to keep your server running.

Please visit often for these products are updated often as we receive and sort stock out.

Take advantage of special savings opportunities on over-stock, closeout, and liquidation components right here at Tekmart Africa!

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