Refurb Small Business Servers

Many small businesses and remote offices face a variety of IT workload challenges such as e-mail and collaboration, databases, filing, and printing.

The solutions demonstrated here are tailor made for fast growing small businesses who need performance, connectivity and storage in a package that is easy to manage. They have been well tested and;

  • ::  Give you the performance you need while costing far less in the long-term.
  • ::  Afford you local control over your data, hardware and process.
  • ::  Ensure you that confidential information can be handled and stored securely.

We offer a variety of solutions to fit different business needs. You don’t need to invest big at the beginning, these flexible solutions can scale with your business as it grows.

Going the refurbished route allows you to avoid compromising on performance if you're working with a limited budget and buying a server for small business. Small businesses usually prefer buying refurbished servers because they're focused on getting the best specs at the most affordable price

Tekmart Africa stocks these decommisioned refurbished servers for small businesses that conform to the above features.This is after the cyclical equipment refresh cycles at our clients. Small businesses can take advantage of these solutions to save money while benefitting from getting unbelievable specs at a bargain.

Tekmart Africa will support you before, during and after the sale. We are so confident of our refurbished units that our support services will be: 

free for 1 (one) year from date of purchase-guaranteed !

Contact us to discuss your unique small business solution requirements.

Figure 1: A sample representation of a refurbished small business servers (Dell PowerEdge 2650); typical units we stock at Tekmart Africa.

Refurb Small Business Servers