Hitachi Blade Servers

Explore our extensive collection of top-quality refurbished blade modules at our store, where performance meets reliability. Each unit undergoes meticulous restoration and rigorous testing to ensure peak functionality and durability, providing exceptional value without compromise. Whether you're upgrading existing infrastructure or starting anew, our refurbished blade modules offer a cost-effective solution without sacrificing quality.

Discover a wide selection of refurbished blade modules designed to meet diverse IT needs, all backed by our commitment to superior quality and customer satisfaction. At Tekmart Africa, we prioritize reliability and performance, empowering you to enhance your systems efficiently and affordably. Upgrade with confidence and explore the possibilities with our refurbished blade modules today!

Below is an Example Unit of Blades we have in stock:-


CB520X Hitachi Double Width Server Blade

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Hitachi CB520X  (2x 15-Core E7-8880v2 / 256GB Ram / 2-Bay) Double Width Server Blade Brand: Hitachi Model: CB520X Base Spec:- :: Form... more info

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