BladeCenter S (8886/7779)

The BladeCenter® S Type 8886 is a high-density, high-performance rack-mounted server system. It supports up to six blade servers that can share common resources, such as power, cooling, management, and I/O resources within a single BladeCenter S chassis. In addition, it provides support for up to twelve 3.5-inch, hot-swappable SAS or SATA hard disk drives or twenty-four 2.5-inch, hot-swappable SAS hard disk drives.

The BladeCenter S system integrates blade servers with serial-attached SCSI (SAS) and Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) hot-swappable storage in a single chassis that is powered using up to four autoranging 110V/220V power supplies.

A sample representation of a BladeCenter S; units we typically stock at Tekmart Africa.

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