SUN Microsystems Blades

Tekmart carries an extensive inventory of legacy used Sun Blade Workstations and EOL Sun Workstations. We also also carry current new and used Oracle Servers, but will carry and support Sun Microsystems workstations for time to come. 

Contact us at 0861 711 712 (within RSA) or  +2711 027 6793 (International) with your request. Alternatively email us and our consultants will get back to you shortly.

SUN Microsystems

Sun Blade X6270 M3 /X3-2B

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X3-2B Sun Blade X6270 M3 Server Module Brand: Sun / Oracle Part #: X3-2B Base Specs:- Will come included with:: One or two Intel Xeon... more info

Sun Oracle Blade 6000 Type D populated with 5x X6270 M3 Blades

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Sun Oracle Blade 6000 Type D with 5x X6270 M3 / X3-2B blades Brand: Sun Microsystems Chassis Model:Sun Blade  6000 Type D Chassis... more info

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