Certified Server Memory

Why Certified Memory?

One of the biggest misconceptions when buying memory is that “all memory is the same.” In reality, memory modules (DIMMs) are made and assembled by many different manufacturers. Due to fierce competition, some manufacturers may simplify their processes to save time and costs—which can result in memory with varying levels of quality.

Server RAM (Memory) is the workhorse behind a system’s performance. RAM temporarily stores information from your operating system, data and applications in current use, giving your CPU easy access to the critical information that makes your programs run.

The amount of memory and the architecture of your system helps determine how many programs can be executed at any one time, how much data is available to a program and how well your applications perform.

From the servers in your data center to your notebooks in the field, these machines are there to keep your business running non-stop. Using price as the determining factor when purchasing memory is a result of not understanding or acknowledging the critical role of system memory.

System designers are constantly updating architectures to keep up with customer demand for higher performance in all applications. The design and quality of DIMMs are critical to system availability and performance.

There are only three major memory (DRAM) component manufacturers: Micron, Samsung, and SK Hynix. This matters because third-party brands often claim to be component manufacturers, when they’re actually assemblers who use different components from different suppliers to piece together server modules. Server manufacturers also don’t make their own memory, they make servers. When you see a server manufacturer’s label on a server module, it doesn’t mean that manufacturer made it. It just means the module was made elsewhere and rebranded.

In the highly competitive memory market, some memory resellers forego the level of qualification and testing needed for systems because it adds to the price of DIMMs. Most brands are committed to memory quality because it has a direct impact on the reliability of your data and your productivity. The costs of system downtime, data loss, and reduced productivity caused by lower quality memory are far greater than the price difference between a brands' Certified memory and other DIMMs on the market.

When you choose Non-Branded Certified memory because of lower price, you may think you are saving money. But are you really saving money over the life of the server when you use Non-branded Certified memory? Focusing on price alone is a short-term view that does not take into account downtime, quality, reliability, integration, procurement and support costs, and even costs you may not be aware of.

Some of these expenses may be invisible, but they definitely cost you—often more than buying the most compatible and reliable memory module in the first place.

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Certified Server Memory

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