Fujitsu PRIMERGY memory upgrades

Why should you buy Fujitsu Certified memory?

When installing compatible RAM in your Primergy servers, there may arise some warnings regarding “Non Fujitsu Siemens Company Memory Modules”. But there’s no need to worry at all – we explain why!

If you install compatible memory modules into your Fujitsu (-Siemens) Primergy-Server, then the BIOS or server management software will produce something similar to the following warnings (depending on generation and version):

  • Non Fujitsu Siemens Company Memory Modules detected – Warranty restricted!
  • A non-compatible memory module was found
  • It is a memory module that has not been cleared by Fujitsu (-Siemens)

It is possible that a warning lamp will also light. These sorts of messages and events are a worry to any systems operator and might raise the question as to whether the use of compatible memory modules in PRIMERGY systems will lead to problems later on.

There’s no need to panic – using Certified Fujitsu Memory modules in your Primergy Server will not produce compatibility problems, nor will the warning messages have a detrimental effect upon the safe operation of your server or the warranty for your Fujitsu(-Siemens) product:

These alerts aren’t error messages, they are merely indicating that the installed memory module was not obtained directly from Fujitsu (-Siemens).

  • The recommended Fujitsu (-Siemens) memory modules (for example those produced by Infineon, Hynix, Micron or Samsung) also cause this warning message if the module lacks a Fujitsu (-Siemens) identifier. To be more precise, there isn’t a specific or inherent component to Fujitsu (-Siemens) modules, but rather a simple BIOS algorithm produces the warning message if it can’t find a Fujitsu (-Siemens) identifier.
  • The modules are not examined by the system or compared to an “approved modules” list. Beyond this simple (and economically driven) routine implemented by Fujitsu (-Siemens), all AMD and INTEL server systems will conduct an examination of the installed memory modules to assess their compatibility and functioning.
  • The Certified Fujitsu Memory modules are exact to the specifications required by the PRIMERGY servers and also comply with the specifications required by JEDEC, INTEL and AMD.
  • Servers can be booted and operated, without exception.
  • Your warranty does not expire if using “foreign“ memory modules.
  • The message doesn’t refer to your device warranty but to the warranty of the memory module you are installing.

The warranty on your Certified Fujitsu Memory module will be covered by us.

Contact Tekmart on 0861 711 712 (within RSA) or +2711 027 6793 (international) and our consultants will gladly assist you in choosing the correct Certified Fujitsu memory modules for your server.

If you can’t find what you are looking for on our website, don’t hesitate to contact us and let us help you find it.

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S26361-F3934-L512-Fujitsu 16 GB DDR4 2400 MHz Memory Module

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