Huawei Certified Memory

Huawei system memory contains the instructions that are executed by the processor. Each Huawei server has different memory types and configurations. See your Owner's Manual for detailed information on which memory your server supports.

The various types of DIMM memory for Huawei servers available are:

  • ::  Unbuffered DIMM:or UDIMM (Unbuffered DIMM),  does not perform data I/O line buffering, adding, controlling, and clocking.
  • ::  Registered DIMM: also known as an RDIMM, this DIMM performs addition, control, and clock line buffering, but not data I/O lines.
  • ::  Reduced load DIMM: also known as LRDIMM, this DIMM performs data I/O  line buffering, adding, controlling, and clocking.

RDIMM, by buffering and registering address, control, and clock lines, RDIMMs remove loads from the system memory bus and isolate them in well-defined paths on the DIMM itself. This register does generate some latency in the signal buffer, but the pipelined nature of the memory allows full-speed access after the transfer starts. Instead of having eight or sixteen payloads on these signals, the system memory bus only identifies the payload of the register. However, the data I/O signals on the RDIMMs remain connected directly between the connector and the individual DRAMs (up to four loads on four-row DIMMs).

LRDIMMs are a new technology, introduced in 12th generation Huawei servers. LRDIMMs buffer data I/O signals between the DRAMs and the system memory bus via a buffer device.

NVDIMM-N persistent memory is a revolutionary storage-class memory technology that enables unmatched performance improvement over legacy storage technologies. Each NVDIMM-N provides 16GB of non-volatile memory and is the same form factor as a standard 288-pin DDR4 DIMM. NVDIMM-N resides in a standard CPU memory slot, which leaves data close to the processor. With its ability to operate at DDR4 data rates of 2666MT/s, the NVDIMM-N makes the most of the high bandwidth and low latency that is characteristic of the memory bus.

The persistence of the DCPMM and its data storage capacity of a solid state drive. This means that DCPMMs have performance characteristics similar to TruDDR4 DIMMs. The storage capacity of an SSD and the ability to remain active after a power cycle or server restart. These features give application developers new ways to perform data I/O and reach new levels of server performance.

Tekmart Africa Caveat:

Do not confuse LRDIMMS with LV-DIMMS, as LV stands for Low Voltage.

06200178 Huawei RH2288A 32GB PC3-14900L Server Memory

Huawei 32GB PC3-14900 DDR3-1866MHz ECC Registered CL13 240-Pin Load Reduced DIMM Quad Rank Memory Module Part #: 06200178 Brand: Huawei ... more info
06200214 Huawei N26DDR402 32GB DDR4 2666MTs Dual Rank Memory
Sold Out

06200214 Huawei N26DDR402 32GB DDR4 2666MTs Dual Rank Memory

Sun / Oracle N26DDR402 DDR4 RDIMM Memoy (32GB 2666MT/s 2x Rank1.2v ECC)) Oracle Part #: 06200214 Brand: Sun / Oracle Part #: 06200214 ... more info

06200224 Huawei 32GB PC4-19200 DDR4-2400MHz ECC Reg Ram

Huawei 32GB PC4-19200 DDR4-2400MHz ECC Registered CL17 288-Pin DIMM 1.2V Dual Rank Memory Module Part #: 06200224 Brand: Huawei Part... more info

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