Bezels -All Brands

A bezel is the outside frame around a computer tower or monitor. On a computer case the bezel is the front area of the case where devices protrude through the case. On a CRT computer monitor, the bezel is the outside frame area around the monitor glass. It's a bit of plastic that makes the server look less like the metal box of bits it actually is.

The bezel is attached to the front side of the server and it protects the hard drives and the power button from removal or accidental usage. The bezel comes with a key and a lock but it's not necessary if the server itself is only accessible by you or your administrator staff.

This bezel can prevent the removing drives from the server, and some can also cover up buttons. Additionally, some bezels have LCD screens that allow users to view and change network settings. As well as display system-level error messages without accessing the control panel.

Our bezels fit and are designed for these rack and blade servers.

Bezels -All Brands