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SAS / miniSAS Cables

We at Tekmart carry a large selection of Serial-Attached-SCSI (SAS) and Mini-SAS Cables. 

  •   ::  SFF-8484 and SFF-8470 are normally referred to as SAS connectors while SFF-8087 and SFF-8088 are Mini SAS connectors.
  •   ::  Most newer cards uses the SFF-8087 internal or SFF-8088 external connectors.
  •   ::  All SAS drives use the SFF-8482 connector. 

Host --> Controller Cards / Initiator
Target --> Backplane / Hard Drives 

Note: These cables can be used with SATA controller / drives also.

Follow these guidelines to select and order the correct cables for your server.

You must order, install, label, and test all your own workstation cables. These are cables to your servers, towers, PCs, display stations, and printers. Because assembling cables can be complex, purchase preassembled cables.

Packages with one or more display stations, recieve one 6 m (20 ft) cable with your server. If you ordered one or more printers, you get one 6 m (20 ft) cable. You must order any additional cables separately.

Follow this procedure to order your cables:

  1. From the site plan that you drew, determine how much cable you need.
  2. Select the types of cables to view specifications and part numbers:
    •   ::  High speed link cables
    •   ::  Operations Console cables
    •   ::  Twinaxial cables (workstations, remote workstation controllers, host servers)
  3. Write down the type and quantity of cables.
  4. Using the information you entered in the form, order your cables. Make sure you specify:
    •   ::  Type of cable (for instance, twinaxial)
    •   ::  Lengths and quantity of cable (such as, ten 6-foot cables, and so on)
    •   ::  Type of covering if applicable (such as vinyl covered twinaxial cables)

    Remember to order any necessary cable accessories, such as adapters and T-connectors.

    **Note: If you are ordering cables from IBM®, you must specify part numbers and, in some cases, length or feature number. Verify the cable part tables (twinaxial cables)**

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