Data Domain Server Cables

Data Domain cables:

The Data Domain shelves use cables with HD-mini-SAS connectors at both ends to connect the shelves to the controllers that have SAS I/O modules, such as DD4200, DD4500, DD6300, DD6800, DD7200, DD9300, DD9500, and DD9800 systems.

The DS60 connector is referred as the HD-mini-SAS connector and is same as the I/O module connectors.

These cables are available in 3M, 4M, and 5M lengths. Use the appropriate length for the connection you are making. Refer to the specific Installation and Configuration Guide of the shelves for the recommended cable lengths:

  •     Use the 3-meter cable in the same rack either to connect to a controller or shelf to adjacent shelf.
  •     Use a 3-meter, 4-meter, or 5-meter cable when a DS60 is in another rack.

Expansion shelves are connected to each other and to the Data Domain controller with qualified cables. The expansion shelf can be connected to supported Data Domain systems only by using SAS (serial-attached SCSI) cables.

A Data Domain shelf with qualified disks can be added as an expansion shelf if there are complete drive packs (15 in a pack) in the correct position.

Data Domain Server Cables

038-000-212-00 Amphenol DD 4M Cable Mini-SAS HD 4X to 4X

Amphenol 4M Cable Assembly, Mini-SAS HD, 4X TO 4X(12G Passive) Part #: 038-000-212-00 Brand: EMC / Data Domain Manufacturer: Amphenol Part... more info

038-004-380-01 EMC 3M 12G MINI-HDX4 TO MINI-HDX4

EMC XC-DS60-SAS HD-mini-SAS Part # :038-004-380-01 Brand: Data Domain / EMC Part #: 038-004-380-01 Model : XC-DS60-SAS-3M Specs:- ... more info

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