Hitachi Server & Storage Cables

These Hitachi Mini-SAS product family is a high speed, multi-lane interconnect for both internal and external solutions, including both receptales and cable assemblies. Theey are designed to be compliant to SFF-8086, 8087, and 8088 standards, and support SAS 2.0 applications. The interfaces are adopted for the SAS-2.1, SAS 3 and PCIe standards.

The reduced size of the interconnects saves additional 30% to 50% PCB space; a low profile PCIe card can accommodate 4 Mini-SAS HD connectors versus 2 SAS connectors.

Generally, Hitachi Mini-SAS HD (high density) product family includes compact, high-speed I/O solutions for SAS applications: storage, rack-mount servers, workstations, storage racks, high performance computing, HBAs (host bus adapters), RAID (redundant arrays of inexpensive disks), switches and more.

Their  Internal Mini-SAS HD connectors and cable assemblies provide 30% space savings over conventional internal Mini-SAS interconnects. 

3285194-A Hitachi 1M SFF-8088-SFF-8088 Mini-SAS Cable

Hitachi 1M SFF-8088-SFF-8088 mini-SAS Cable Part #: 3285194-A Brand: Hitachi Part #: 3285194-A Specs:-   ::  Type: Server and... more info

3290630-A Hitachi High Speed Cables 1M SAS Cable SCQ1

Hitachi High Speed Cables SAS 1M Cable SCQ1 Part #: 3290630-A, 30AWG Brand: Hitachi Part #: 3290630-A Specs:-   ::  Type: Server... more info

3290631-A Hitachi VSP GX00 1.5m SAS Cable

Hitachi 1.5M SCQ1F QSFP+ to QSFP+ cable Part #: 3290631-A Brand: Hitachi Modell: SCQ1F Part #: 3290631-A Specs:-  ... more info

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