HP Mini-PCs

Small but mighty HP mini desktops

Want to take advantage of ample computing power without being weighed down by cumbersome hardware? With the mini PC from HP®, you’ll have an option that lets you do more with less.

These devices offer a tiny footprint, giving you the ability to tuck them out of the way for a minimal setup. You can put them on full display, too, which you may end up doing if you choose the sleek and stylish HP Elite Slice.

In addition to looking great, it includes easy-to-access ports to handle all your peripherals.

Easily added to any space

Do you working in an office? Are you looking to set up a media center at home? Or maybe you’re trying to outfit a classroom? Whatever the case, meet your new favourite computer.

The mini desktop’s lightweight design, easy deployment, durability, and hardware support make it a great tool for almost anyone. Plus, with a focus on ease of access and minimalism, you can speed through setup and get computing fast.

Simple deployment options

No one enjoys a long, messy setup process, which is why we made it simpler than ever to get up and running on our mini desktops.

When you use HP Device Manager, you’ll be able to manage software installations, update systems, offer remote support, and much morel from a single station.

You’ll have the tools you need to ensure your team can take on tasks without waiting on installations or another annoyances.

More options and more ways to get work done

There are no shortage of choices when it comes to mini desktops. No matter what you need out of your next PC, HP® has you covered with options that span the spectrum from inexpensive and lightweight to professional-grade models geared to take on hefty tasks without slowing you down.

Each one is designed to easily and stylishly fit within your home or office. They also work with modern and legacy connections, so that you can spend less time on setup more actually getting down to business.

We know that the most frustrating part about many desktops is not having access to ports when you need them. That’s why we offer a variety of mini desktops that put them front and center.

Many of these models give you a way to simply plug and play from the front of the machine. No more fumbling around the back of your computer when you want to access a port.

Built to be powerful and look good

You shouldn’t have to settle when it comes to getting a smaller PC with the features you want. Several mini desktop PC options like the HP Z2 Mini G3 Workstation are built to be lightweight and compact while delivering powerful, full performance without compromise.

These hard-working internals in a small body give you the ability to power up to two 4K displays and deliver impressive performance on tasks that even include resource-heavy tasks like video editing and gaming.

And just because our mini desktops are small doesn’t mean they hold back when it comes to style. In fact, many of these options have been painstakingly engineered to add a layer of polish to any home or office.

Out of sight, out of mind

As nice as some of our options look, you can also choose to take advantage of how easily our mini desktop PCs can be kept out of sight. With a minimal design that’s incredibly simple to store out of the way, you can curate a professional and clean appearance for any desk setup.

For an ultra-minimal approach, use your HP mini desktop’s included HP VESA plate to mount your computer on the back of select displays. You’ll be able to focus on your screen in front of you without any distracting clutter bogging you down.

Your device is still close by, though, making it easy to handle any connections to external drives, ethernet cables, displays, and more. It’s like you’re being granted all the advantages of a traditional desktop, but without their trademark larger footprint.HP Mini-PCs