Disk Array Enclosures (DAE)

DAE stands for Disk Array Enclosure.  This is the component of your EMC rack that contains the actual disk drives of the platform, where the data is stored. They come in a multitude of different shapes and sizes, depending on your needs – you can also purchase expansions for a number of existing EMC products.

**Disk arrays come in various capacities, forms and shapes – there are arrays for 3.5” or 2.5” disks, and the number of disks they can store varies as well. If you need to increase the performance, or add capacity to your storage system, purchasing and installing a disk array enclosure could be a good solution.

We carry disk array enclosures from manufacturers such as NetApp, SUN, DELL, HP or EMC. You can find all kinds of disk arrays in our online store, for example rack mountable arrays, arrays of various sizes and capacities, and so on. The majority of our selection is available in refurbished condition, as our specialty is the refurbishment of used end-of-life products.

Our technicians inspect and test every piece of used equipment to ensure high quality, so you do not have to worry when you buy refurbished equipment from us.

All our enclosures can be populated with different size and capacity drives in our stock. Feel free to contact our support team who will gladly assist you in your CTO (Configure-To-Order) request**

Disk Array Enclosures (DAE)