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Purchasing a new disk array enclosure (DAE) for your EMC hardware is a cost-effective way to increase performance or add capacity in your data center. A few questions usually come to mind once you decide to add an enclosure to your EMC storage array. The first question is usually,

“Which DAE will be the best fit for my EMC platform? Cost? How long will it take to implement this DAE in my environment?”.

In order to make the best decision for your data center, you should consider your workload, applications you plan on using the enclosure for, and system compatibility. Taking those things into account will help you make the best choice for your overall environment. 

Are you hosting a large database on your VNX? Then choosing an all NL-SAS configuration in a disk enclosure might be a good option.

Do you need more performance instead of capacity? Then consider a SAS/SSD enclosure as a better option.

Again, EMC storage arrays like CLARiiON and VNX are End of Life, meaning your best bet might be purchasing a pre-owned enclosure.

That's where we come in. If you still have questions about DAE availability and pricing we can help you verify compatibility and  design a storage solution that fits your EMC storage needs. Contact our EMC Storage Team and we will get back to you with a suitable solution to your request.

0W843N-EMC 15-Slot DAE 4GB fc disk Array CHASSIS

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EMC 15-slot dae 4GB fc disk Array CHASSIS Part #: 0W843N This is a genuine empty EMC DAE with 15-drive bays; Part #: 046-003-215 Brand: Dell /... more info

100-562-964 EMC SAE VNX 2U Disk Array Chassis 25 x 300gb 10k SAS

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EMC SAE  Hard Disk Expansion Array 25 x SAS 300GB 10K Controller; DAE PART #: 100-562-964 Brand: EMC DAE Part #: 100-562-964 Specs:- EMC... more info

100-562-964 EMC VNX5300 SAE 25 Bay 2.5 HDD Expansion Array Shelf

EMC VNX5300 SAE 25 Bay 2.5" Hard Disk Expansion Array Shelf with 2 x Controllers Part #: 100-562-964 Brand: Dell / EMC Part... more info

100-563-138 EMC STPE25 VNX5300 25-Bay 2.5 SFF DAE

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EMC Vnx 5100/5300/5500 25-Slot 2.5 Inch Chassis And Midplane Part #: 100-563-138 Brand: Dell / EMC Part #: 100-563-138 Specs:-  ... more info

EMC CLARiiON CX-4PDAE CX CX4 Series DAE w/ 15x 600GB 15K 4Gb/s

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EMC CLARiiON CX-4PDAE CX CX4 Series DAE w/ 15x 600GB 15K 4Gb/s CX-4G15-600 9TB Brand: EMC Part #: CX-4PDAE Condition: Refurbished Warranty:... more info

EMC CX4-4PDAE 30TB - 15 x CX-SA07-020 2TB SATA 7.2K 15 STORAGE

EMC 30TB - 15 x CX-SA07-020 2TB SATA 7.2K 15 Slot Rackmount Array Model: CX4-4PDAE Brand: EMC Part #: CX4-4PDAE Specs:-  ... more info

TR651 Dell EMC CLARiiON KTN-STL4 DAE4P 4GB 15-Bay FC Chassis

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Dell EMC DAE4P KTN-STL4 4GB 15-bay Fibre Channel Storage Array Empty Chassis DPN: TR651 0TR651 CN-0TR651 Brand: EMC Part Number: TR651 ... more info

V2-DAE-12 Dell EMC EAE VNXe Hard Disk Array

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EMC VNXe3100 SAS Disk Expansion Rackmount with 2 x 303-137-000D  Link Controller Modules Model: V2-DAE-12 Brand: EMC Part... more info

VNXB6GSDAE15 - EMC 15-slot Disk Array Enclosure for 3.5in VNX

15X3.5" SAS/NL-SAS DAE -VNXB6GSDAE15 The EMC VNXB6GSDAE15 is a 15-Bay disk. It includes the rail kit and all necessary cables to connect to... more info

VNXB6GSDAE15F EMC 15-slot Disk Array Enclosure for 3.5in VNX

Dell EMC Disk Array Enclosure  Storage Enclosure Part #: VNXB6GSDAE15F Brand: Dell / EMC Part #: VNXB6GSDAE15F Specs:-  ... more info

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