NetApp Disk Shelf Models - SAS

The four NetApp disk shelf models that are currently available are the DS224C, DS2246, DS212C, DS4246, DS4486 and DS460C. The models ending in a 'C' are new shelves which support the 16TB SSD drives compatible with ONTAP 9. The DS4243 went end of sale fairly recently. The current models are Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) disk shelves, with the controller connected to the shelf through a SAS port and cable.

NetApp Disk Shelf Models - Fibre Channel

NetApp used to offer Fibre Channel disk shelves, meaning the controller is connected to the shelf through a Fibre Channel port and cable. These included the DS14mk2 and DS14mk4. The Fibre Channel disk shelves have been end of sale for some time now.

NetApp Disk Types and Shelf Compatibility

NetApp offer three main types of disk to fit into the shelves: 

SSD Solid State Drives, 

SAS HDD Hard Disk Drives,


All three types of disks (not just SAS) fit into the SAS disk shelves - there's no such thing as an ‘SSD disk shelf’ or a ‘SATA disk shelf’. To check which disk can go in which shelf, see the NetApp disk shelf product page for a quick check of compatibility. I give a tour of the page in the video and show how to find the information.

Of the three drive types, SSD drives offer the best performance but they've got the highest cost per GB of storage. SSDs are supported in all shelves except the DS4486. When NetApp refer to a ‘Full’ (also sometimes called ‘pure’) SSD shelf it means that it contains only SSD drives, ‘mixed’ means that there is a combination of SSD and SAS or SATA HDD drives for Flash Pool.

SATA drives are listed as ‘high capacity drives’ on the NetApp website. They offer the lowest performance but have the lowest cost per GB. They are supported in the DS212C, DS4246, DS4248 and DS460C.

SAS drives are listed as ‘high performance drives’, they offer a balance between performance and cost per GB. They are only supported in the DS2246 and DS224C.

Please note on these NetApp Disk Shelf storage enclosure you will:-

Gain cross-platform leverage

>> The same drives and shelves work across all FAS storage platforms. Nondisruptive controller upgrades allow you to change platforms without additional media purchases or data migration.

Enhance performance with flash

>> Self-managing Virtual Storage Tier technologies, including Flash Pool, optimize data placement on flash for maximum performance - reducing by up to 75% the number of spindles needed for a given level of performance.

Strengthen security

>> Enhance physical data security and prevent unauthorized data access with NetApp Storage Encryption (NSE) and a full line of self-encrypting drives.

Achieve enterprise-class resiliency

>> Full redundancy is standard in all disk shelf designs. Advanced features such as alternate control path for out-of-band management, NetApp RAID-DP for superior data protection, and Maintenance Center for advanced error recovery protect the availability of your data.

Industry-first, optical SAS delivers high-performance, low-latency SAS connectivity across extended data center distances (up to 500 m) for enhanced flexibility and resilience.

NetApp Disk Shelves & Storage Media | ECS

NETAPP DS2246 With 24X 900GB SAS 10K X423A-R5 DISK SHELF

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NETAPP DS2246 With 24X 900GB SAS 10K X423A-R5 DISK SHELF Brand: NetApp Model #:  DS2246 Condition: Refurbished Warranty: 1 (one) year... more info

NetApp DS4243 24x 450GB 3.5 SAS HDD 2x IOM3 2x PSU 4U DAE SHELF

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NetApp DS4243 NAJ-0801 24x 450GB 3.5 SAS HDD 2x IOM3 2x PSU 4U Expansion Shelf Brand: NetApp Model #:NAJ-0801 NetApp Part #: DS4243 Specs:-... more info

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