KVM Console Switch Managers

The KVM console is an interface accessible from the Manager GUI or the KVM Launch Manager that emulates a direct KVM connection. Unlike the KVM dongle, which requires you to be physically connected to the server, the KVM console allows you to connect to the server from a remote location across the network.

You must ensure that either the server or the service profile associated with the server is configured with a CIMC IP address if you want to use the KVM console to access the server. The KVM console uses the CIMC IP address assigned to a server or a service profile to identify and connect with the correct server in a domain.

Instead of using CD/DVD or floppy drives directly connected to the server, the KVM console uses virtual media, which are actual disk drives or disk image files that are mapped to virtual CD/DVD or floppy drives. You can map any of the following to virtual drives:

  • CD/DVD or floppy drives on your computer
  • Disk image files on your computer
  • CD/DVD or floppy drives on the network
  • Disk image files on the network

KVM Console Manager Switches