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Xsigo I/O virtualization: dynamically connect any server to any network and storage

Transform your IT infrastructure with the Xsigo I/O Director, a hardware and software solution that streamlines server I/O management. Instead of deploying multiple I/O cards and cables to every server, Xsigo lets you connect servers with a single cable and then create virtual I/O resources instantaneously.

The result is 100x faster server management, 70% fewer cables and cards, and up to 50% less capital cost.

I/O Virtualization Delivers Flexibility, Cost Savings

The Xsigo I/O Director employs virtualization to let you flexibly connect servers to networks and storage. Xsigo eliminates the physical storage and networking cards found in every server and replaces them with virtual NICs and virtual HBAs that can be deployed on the fly. Applications and operating systems see these virtual resources exactly as they would see their physical counterparts. The result is an I/O architecture that is much easier to manage, far more cost-effective, and fully open.

ETHERNET AND INFINIBAND server connectivity

The I/O Director is available with multiple fabric options to meet your operational and performance requirements.

Ethernet: Xsigo offers the industry’s only Ethernet-based virtual I/O that connects to standard Ethernet server ports. Configure virtual I/O on new and existing servers without additional I/O cards.

InfiniBand: Choose either the DDR or QDR InfiniBand fabric for the ultimate in performance with data rates of 20 Gbps or 40 Gbps per server connection.


Xsigo VP780 1200W Power Supply 410-0002-02 VP780

Xsigo VP780 1200W Power Supply Part #: 410-0002-02 VP780-FRU-PS This is a Xsigo VP780 1200W Power Supply 410-0002-02 VP780-FRU-PS Brand: Xsigo ... more info

Xsigo VP780 I/O Director

Call for Price
 Xsigo VP780 I/O Director Brand: Xsigo Part #: VP780-CH-DDR Model : VP780 Condition: Refurbished Warranty: 1 (one) year Tekmart... more info

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