Power Distribution Units (PDUs)

A power distribution unit (PDU) provides steady, uninterruptible power to multiple servers in a rack environment. The rackmount PDUs are designed to be installed in a vertical (0U) or horizontal (1U or more) server rack position. This device is essentially an industrial-grade power strip.

The main purpose of a PDU is to supply AC power to multiple IT equipment pieces within the rack system. Distribute power simply with a basic power strip with no internal intelligence or boost it up with a more advanced model including outlet level power monitoring to remotely monitor, control, and report the status of every outlet within the unit.

Offered in many sizes, colors, and configurations, rack PDUs can be customized to meet the demands involving: voltage, current, number and type of connections, remote access, and monitoring functionality.

Rack mountable PDUs are available in these five main conventional designs, with an additional subset for even more precise control:

Figure 1: Sample representation of PDUs available at Tekmart Africa


Power Distribution Units (PDUs)