The Dell Power Distribution Unit (Dell PDU) products provide reliable power distribution throughout a server rack enclosure from low amperage single phase circuits to higher-power 3-phase solutions.

Dell PDUs utilize a combination of worldwide standard IEC power outlet connections with regionalized input options allowing flexibility across a variety of global power infrastructures.

Detachable inlet cords on some models facilitate interconnection of various models, providing a wide selection of deployment options and facilitate global adoption of a common PDU.

Features & Benefits 

  • Vertical and half-height models feature ‘True’ tool-less rack mounting directly out-of-the-box
  • 1U models come with 1U mounting brackets and can also mount along the side of servers in Dell racks
  • 90 degree turn option to change directions of outlets/receptacles on vertical and half-height models
  • Built for higher operating temperatures: 50 degrees Celsius (122 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Optional cord retention kits available for most models
  • 3-yr warranty standard

04T766 Dell (4T766) APC AP6022 11 x Output 16A PDU Power Unit

Dell 11 x Output 16A PDU Power Distribution Unit Strip DPN: 04T766 4T766 AP6022 Brand: Dell Part #: 04T766, 4T766, AP6022 Alt. Part... more info

04T768 Dell APC AP6032 Rack Power Distribution Unit

Dell / APC Rack Power Distribution Unit DPN: AP6032 Brand: Dell /Apc Part #: 04T768  4T768 AP6032 Specs :-   ::  Type:... more info

09R905 Dell Power Cable C19 960-0074 16A 250V 3m Cable

Dell Power Cable C19 16A 250V 3m Switch Router Rack Cable Part #: 09R905, 9R905,960-0074 This is a genuine Dell Power Cable Cord For... more info

0T834 Dell 7-Port 100-240V 12AMP PDU (C14 in to 8X C13 Out)

Dell 7-Port 100-240V 12AMP Power Distribution Unit (C14 in to 8X C13 Out) 0T834,00T834 Brand: Dell Part #: 0T834,00T834 APC... more info

0TRVV3 Dell Poweredge Rack 200-240V Power Distribution Unit

Call for Price
Dell Poweredge Rack 200-240V Power Distribution Unit Part #: 0TRVV3 / TRVV3 / CN-0TRVV3 / 450-15690 Brand: Dell Part #: 0TRVV3 Alt.... more info

G789N-Dell 6120 Basic Power Distribution Unit

Dell 6120 Basic Power Distribution Unit DPN: G789N,0G789N This is a Dell 6120 Basic Power Distribution Unit 7 x C13, 2 x C19 outlets 1 x C20... more info

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