Western Telematic, Inc

WTI's VMR series metered PDUs can help you keep an eye on your data center, and let you know when your equipment is acting up before things get completely out of hand. Knowing is only half the battle, the VMR also allows you to reboot outlets when an attached device ceases to respond, disable outlets to reduce current consumption or switch on cooling devices to lower rack temperature.

The VMR includes a robust selection of monitoring features, including event alarms, outlet-specific metering and SNMP polling to help you keep tabs on vital network elements, avoid costly service calls and maximize up time.

Western Telematic, Inc

VMR-8HD20-2 Outlet Metered PDU Dual 20A 208V (8) C13

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WTI VMR-8 Managed Power Controller Outlet Metered PDU Switch Part #: VMR-8HD20-1 Brand: Western Telematic Part #: VMR-8HD20-1  ... more info

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