Server Rack Accessories

At Tekmart Africa, we offer a wide selection of products that help you to optimize your server rack storage space, to improve space efficiency, accessibility and convenience.

Our server-rack accessories make it easy to:

  •    ::  Organize your server rack for better space-efficiency
  •    ::  Mount additional equipment and devices
  •    ::  Improve the appearance and airflow of your server and network storage
  •    ::  Ensure reliable power distribution to your server-room equipment

Enclosures and server racking are equipment housing solutions within any industrial and commercial work place. Products such as enclosures, general purpose enclosures, server racks and server cabinets protect technical and electrical equipment.

Enclosure and racking storage solutions on offer at Tekmart Africa?

If providing organised enclosure storage and racking needs improving, our range of enclosures and server racking provide the solution. Some of the different products we have available are:

19-Inch racks are enclosures or mounting solutions for housing computer networking and data equipment. Racking ensures that this equipment is stored safely with little floor or shelf space.

  •   ::  Rack cable management
  •   ::  Rack mount cases
  •   ::  Rack mount enclosures
  •   ::  Server cabinets
  •   ::  Server racks, server drawers
  •   ::  Subracks

We also offer a range of rack mounting hardware, rack panels, rack rails, server rack shelves and server rack accessories providing solutions for server installation.

An enclosure is a protective box for storing equipment sensitive to dirt, dust and moisture preventing damage. Enclosures are made from sturdy materials offering protection for indoor and outdoor areas and can include locks for extra safety. We provide a solution for all types of enclosure from:

  •   ::  Desktop enclosures
  •   ::  DIN Rail enclosures
  •   ::  Floor standing enclosures
  •   ::  General purpose enclosures, hand held enclosures and wall boxes
  •   ::  PCB Mounting enclosures
  •   ::  Powers supply cases and Potting boxes

With our enclosures and server racking we provide a solution for installation from mounting to locking.

Browse our wide range of accessory offerings that come in both new and refurbished. 

Server Rack Accessories