Rack Blanking Panels

Server rack blanking panels (Space Fillers) create a clean and professional look by covering empty space and hiding visible cables in your server racks.

At Tekmart Africa, our offering includes a variety of options, including hinged panels for easy access to mounted equipment, and tool-less panels for quick and easy setup.

  • They come in vented and solid options, enabling you to guide airflow in your rack as desired.

Additional accessories to improve server airflow

There aren’t any cooling accessories you can add inside of a server chassis that the OEM didn’t supply. Thankfully, there are some tools that can definitely improve thermal performance when rack mounted. 

  •   ::  If your rack has any open space, there is risk of hot air recycling into the cold air section. Blanking panels help prevent this by giving hot air less access to the front of servers.
  •   ::  Even if you use blanking panels, stagnant air can create hot spots. These develop after long use in a poorly ventilated area and can increase temperature of equipment around it. Installing server rack fans can help move around the heat in an area with hot spots. 
  •   ::  A combination of a blanking panel and rack fan tray is a horizontal rack fan. These are able to seal off airflow and break up hot air in the rack. 
  •   ::  Lastly, an effective measure to direct airflow is to put side panels on an open frame rack. This is another way to stop cold and warm air from mixing and to help control temperature. 

Contact us on 0861 711 712 (within RSA) | +2711 027 6793 (international) for your blanking solution requirements to the servers and storage solutions in your data centres. Our consultants will gladly assist.

2 Pack 1U Blank Rack Mount Panel Server Network Racks Enclosure Spacer 19  Inch - Raising Electronics

411-00175+A0 Snap-In 19Inch Rack Mount Filler Blank Spacer Panel

Server Room SNAP IN Rack Mount Filler Blank Spacer Panel 19 Inch Part #: 411-00175 + A0 Brand: NetApp Part #: 411-00175 + A0 ... more info

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