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Tekmart supplies EMC power supplies for EMC CX, CX3, CX4, and VNX series storage arrays. We offer some of the best prices available online for used EMC power supplies that are fully tested and guaranteed to work.

If you are looking for an EMC power supply we don’t have listed, please oontact us on 0861 711 712 (within RSA) and  +2711 027 6793 (international) or drop us an email us to let us know, and our sales consultants will get you a price quote.

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071-000-518 - EMC 400W PSU unit for VNX DAE 15 slot

EMC 400W DataDomain DAE Hot-Swap AC Server Power Supply DPN: 071-000-518 This is a genuine EMC400W 12V VNX Power Supply Acbel Polytech... more info

071-000-529 EMC 875W PSU for VNX5300

EMC VNX5300 DPE 1U AC/DC 875W DUAL POWER SUPPLY Part #: 071-000-529 This is a genuine 875 Watt Power Supply for EMC VNX5100 VNX5300... more info

071-000-532 EMC CX4-120 POWER SUPPLY

DELL U736N EMC 071-000-532 400W WATTS AC HOT SWAP SERVER POWER SUPPLY API5SG06 This is a genuine  Emc CX4-120 Power Supply with Part... more info
071-000-537 EMC 533W PSU Module for VNXe3100/3150 AA26150L071-000-537 EMC 533W PSU Module for VNXe3100/3150 AA26150L
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071-000-537 EMC 533W PSU Module for VNXe3100/3150 AA26150L

EMC 533W PSU Module for EMC VNXe3100 VNXe3150  AA26150L Part #: 071-000-537 Brand: EMC Part #: 071-000-537 Model: AA26150L ... more info

071-000-539 - EMC 400W PSU for CX500

EMC EMC VNX SFF DAE 400W POWER SUPPLY PART #: 071-000-539-00 Brand: EMC Manufacturer: ACBEL Part #: 071-000-539-00 Specs:- ... more info

071-000-541 EMC 400W PSU for 25-slot DAE VNX

EMC VNX 400 Watt 2U DAE Power Supply EMC Part #: 071-000-541 Brand: EMC Part #: 071-000-541 Specs:-   :: ... more info

071-000-548 EMC 400 Watts 12V With Variable Speed Cooling PSU

EMC Power Supply Module SG9012-710G Part #: 071-000-548 This is a genuine 2U 400W EMC VNX VPLEX VMAX power supply with Dell / EMC Part... more info

071-000-554 EMC 400W PSU unit for VNX DAE 15

EMC 400-Watts Power Supply for VNX DAE15 3rd Gen Part #: 071-000-554 Brand: EMC Part #: 071-000-554 Specs:-   ::  Product... more info

071-000-562 EMC AX4-5 NX4 420W Power Supply

EMC AX4-5 420-Watts AC / DC Power Supply with Fan Part #: 071-000-562 This is a genuine EMC 071-000-562 PSU Power Supply for AX4-5 Celerra... more info

100-069-100 Brocade 48000 Fan Blower Assembly

Brocade Silkworm 48000 Fan Blower Assembly Part #: 100-069-100 Brand: Brocade Part #: 100-069-100 Specs:-   ::  Type:... more info

100-069-106 EMC 1000W PSU for Brocade Silkworm 24000 / 48000

EMC 1000W Power Supply For Brocade Silkworm 48000 Director Part #: 100-069-106,23-0200006-03 Brand: EMC Manufacturer:... more info

105-000-140 EMC ED-DCX-B 2000W Power Supply 23-0000067-01/B

EMC 105-000-140 ED-DCX-B 2000W Power Supply 23-0000067-01/B This is a genuine EMC ED-DCX-B 2000W Power Supply Brand: DELL / EMC EMC... more info

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