Data Domain Storage PSU

It is important to consider your needs before you buy a power supply unit - if it cannot meet the requirements of the system, it can cause performance issues, or even a failure of the system. We have various types and kinds of Data Domain power supplies in our selection. 

We offer a wide selection of Data Domain power supplies at Tekmart Africa and below we have provided some general notes on these DD power supplies and how to troubleshoot when in doubt; before you decide to buy replacement units..

The Data Domain Operating System queries iDRAC (integrated Dell Remote Access Console) to determine the status of the power supplies, PSU 1 and PSU 2. When this communication is interrupted, the status of the PSUs cannot be reliably determined and will post an alert that both power supplies are absent. The system will remain in the same state until the condition is resolved.   

For Data Domain Operating System (DD OS) 4.9 and later versions, follow these steps:-

  1. Verify the PSU alert is for one of the system controller power supplies. The autosupport alert contains the sensor ID of the affected PSU.
  • Sensor 0x31 indicates PSU 1 on the system controller
  • Sensor 0x32 indicates PSU 2 on the system controller
  1.  Verify the status of each power supply. The outputs list the PSUs individually so you can determine the status of each PSU in the enclosures. A status of OK indicates the PSU is functioning properly. You can use one or all of the following methods to check the PSU status:

LED Indicator Table

Take particular note on below led indicators and their meanings::
LED State PSU Behaviour
Solid Green PSU is fully functional
Solid Amber PSU is plugged in but has no AC power
Blinking Green System is turned off but the PSU is still plugged in to a live power source
Blinking Amber PSU has failed, but still has power
Not Lit PSU has no power
  1.  Verify the power cord is plugged into a live circuit. The LED should be lit if it has AC power.
  2.  If the LED's are green on both PSUs while the system has a current PSU alert, view the output of bios.txt. If the log messages show Presence detected | Asserted every 15 minutes, the monitoring software is out of sync with the system event logging. Removing the PSU for at least 5 minutes, then reseating it should clear the alert and the power supply does not need to be replaced.

Note: DD OS has a polling cycle of 5 minutes for PSUs and quickly reseating the power supply will not clear an alert until EMS changes the state of the PSU. 

Lastly, you can replace the power supply if any of the following conditions occur:

  • The PSU LED is blinking amber
  • The status of the PSU is FAILED or FAULTY and following the steps in this article do not return the PSU to "OK" status
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