Data Domain Storage Systems


Data Domain systems are based around the same basic hardware architecture. Documents for each hardware model are published on the Data Domain support site. Hardware features common to all models include: rack mountable in four-post racks; hot-swappable disks with redundant hot-swappable fans and redundant hot-swappable power modules; serial port and copper Ethernet ports; DIMM modules for RAM; a battery backed NVRAM card; video, keyboard, and mouse ports to connect to a monitor and keyboard and mouse; front panel LEDs that provide system status indicators.


Components under high mechanical or electrical stress such as spinning drives, fans, and power supplies are provided with N+1 redundant configuration, N+1 redundancy is a system configuration in which certain components have at least one independent backup component to ensure system functionality continues if a part fails. This allows for uninterrupted operation at full capacity and operational status if one component fails. For data, RAID 6 technology provides additional protection of data integrity when up to two disks fail

Data Domain systems may be connected to Ethernet networks for TCP/IP-based data transfer and system management. All models have two built-in ports. Some models may be configured with additional ports by adding optional Ethernet expansion cards. Newer systems also include a dedicated Ethernet port for what is known as lights out management or remote system management. Interface cards are usually added to provide additional network capacity.

The Data Domain Operating System (DD OS) is the intelligence that powers Dell EMC Data Domain. It provides the agility, security and reliability that enables theData Domain platform to deliver scalable, high-speed, and cloud- enabled protection storage for backup, archive and disaster recovery.

DATA DOMAIN 16 bay Xyratex Storage Expansion enclosure chassis

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