Entry-level Storage with Remote Replication Functionality

ETERNUS DX90 S2 with Intel® Xeon® processor is a reliable and flexible disk storage system for small and medium-sized IT environments. It provides an outstanding price/performance ratio and is easy to manage. In order to cope with enormous data growth yet maintain flexibility, it offers remarkable scalability with storage capacity of up to 480 TB, thus offering enough headroom for future growth.

The flexible support of different network connectivity and disk types (SAS, Nearline SAS and SSD) provides a choice between cost and performance optimization. The ETERNUS DX90 offers Thin Provisioning as a standard feature enabling a more cost-efficient use of storage capacity right from the start.

Data-in-place upgrades lead seamlessly to the next higher ETERNUS DX system, thus ensuring flexibility and investment protection. The enclosed ETERNUS SF Express software reduces administration work and provides data safety functionality. The excellent ETERNUS DX90 data center functionality is based on storage-based replication which protects valuable data assets against site outages.

CS-TVCB-DX92A Fujitsu Eternus DX90 S2 SAS Disk SAN Storage

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