Pillar Axiom 600 Storage System

Pillar Axiom Hardware Overview

Pillar Axiom System Components

The Pillar Axiom system provides SAN and NAS connectivity to a common pool of storage. The system is modular. The three major system components are:

  •   ::  Pilot management controller
  •   ::  Slammer storage controllers
  •   ::  Brick storage enclosures Slammers and Bricks communicate using a highly redundant Storage System Fabric (SSF).

Slammers and Bricks have:

  •   ::  Redundant power supplies and fans
  •   ::  Front and back LEDs that provide system and component identification and status
  •   ::  Built-in RAS: reliability, availability, and serviceability
  •   ::  Field replaceable units (FRUs)

The system components fit into a Pillar-supplied rack or a standard D?class 4?post 19?inch rack. Larger configurations require multiple adjacent racks. The Pillar Axiom system continually monitors all hardware components for proper operation and fault status.

Pillar axiom 600 technical presentation

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