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A tape drive is a data storage device that reads and writes data on a magnetic tape. Magnetic tape data storage is typically used for offline, archival data storage. Tape media generally has a favorable unit cost and a long archival stability.

A tape drive provides sequential access storage, unlike a hard disk drive, which provides direct access storage. A disk drive can move to any position on the disk in a few milliseconds, but a tape drive must physically wind tape between reels to read any one particular piece of data. As a result, tape drives have very slow average seek times to data. However, tape drives can stream data very quickly off a tape when the required position has been reached. For example, as of 2010 Linear Tape-Open (LTO) supported continuous data transfer rates of up to 140 MB/s, comparable to hard disk drives.

Tape drives can be connected to a computer with SCSI (most common), Fibre Channel, SATA, USB, FireWire, FICON, or other  interfaces. Tape drives are used with autoloaders and tape libraries which automatically load, unload, and store multiple tapes, increasing the volume of data which can be stored without manual intervention.

02XV425 IBM Ultrium 8 HH FC Drive for 3573 TS3100/TS3200 Systems

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IBM FC#8548 Ultrium 8 HH FC Drive for 3573 TS3100/TS3200 sub for 01PL362 FRU: 02XV425 Brand: IBM Part #: 01PL362,02XV425 Specs:- ... more info

08L9153 IBM Ultrium Tape Cleaning Cart Cartridge

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IBM Universal LTO Ultrium Cleaning Cartridge FRU: 35L2086,08L9153 Brand: IBM Corporation Part #: 08L9153,35L2086 Specs:-   :: ... more info

46X1290 IBM LTO-5 Ultrium 1.5 TB / 3.0 TB Data Cartridge Tape

IBM LTO-5 Ultrium Data Cartridge 1.5 TB / 3.0 TB LTO Ultrium-5 Tape FRU: 46X1290 Brand: IBM Part #: 46X1290 Specs:-   :: ... more info

46X2478 IBM Ultrium 5-H LTO-5 SAS for TS3200 Library

IBM Ultrium 5-H LTO-5 SAS for TS3100, TS3200, TL2000, TL4000 Tape Drives FRUs: 46X1939,46X2478 Brand: IBM Part #: 46X2478, 46X1939 ... more info

M69TX Dell LTO5 HH V2 Dual SAS Tape Drive 46X5687 LTO-5

R13,381.36  R12,043.22
DELL LTO5 HH V2 Dual SAS Tape Drive 46X5687 LTO-5 DPN: 0M69TX M69TX This is a genuine  IBM LTO-5 HH V2 SAS 6Gb DELL RoHS refurbished tape... more info

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