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The widespread adoption of virtualization and data center consolidation technologies has had a profound impact on the efficiency of the data center. Virtualization brings new challenges for the storage technology, requiring the multiplexing of distinct I/O workloads across a single I/O “pipe.” From a storage perspective, this approach results in a sharp increase in random IOPS.

For spinning media disks, random I/O operations are the most difficult to handle, requiring costly seek operations and rotations between microsecond transfers. The hard disks not only add a security factor but also are the critical performance components in the server environment.

Therefore, it is important to bundle the performance of these components through intelligent technology so that they do not cause a system bottleneck and so they will compensate for any failure of an individual component. RAID technology offers a solution by arranging several hard disks in an array so that any hard disk failure can be accommodated.

The choice of HDDs or SSDs is critical for enterprise customers and involves considerations of performance, reliability, price, and capacity. Part of the challenge is the sheer amount of today’s data. The huge growth in data is threatening traditional computing infrastructures based on HDDs. However, the problem isn’t simply growth; it is also the speed at which applications operate.

HDDs have an unavoidable overhead because they physically scan the disk for read and write operations. In an HDD array, I/O read and write requests are directed to physical disk locations. In response, the platter spins, and the disk-drive heads seek the location to write or read the I/O request. Latency from noncontiguous write locations multiplies the seek time.

SSDs have no physical tracks or sectors and no mechanical movement. Thus, SSDs can reach memory addresses (logical block addresses [LBAs]) much more quickly than HDD heads can physically move. Because SSDs have no moving parts, there is no mechanical seek time or latency to overcome.Cisco UCS







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1XJ223-175 Cisco 1.8TB 12G 10K SAS Hard Disk with 16GB SSD-Cache

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Cisco 1.8TB 12G 10K SAS (512e) 2.5" SFF Hard Disk with 16GB SSD Cache Part #: 1XJ223-175 (001) Brand: Cisco Part #: 1XJ223-175 (001) ... more info

7301588 Sun Oracle 8TB 7.2K SAS Hard Drive with Bracket 7301585

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Sun Oracle 8TB 3.5 Inch 7.2K SAS Hard Drive w/ Bracket Part #:7301588  7301585 Brand: Cisco Part #: 7301588, 7301585 Specs:-  ... more info

A03-D073GC2 CISCO 73GB 15K Rpm Sas 6gbps Sff (2.5inch) Hot Swap

Cisco Hard Drive Module 73GB 6Gb SAS 15K RPM SFF HDD 9FT066-165 Brand: Cisco Part #: A03-D073GC2  ( ::  Replacement Product Part... more info

DSK-7500-450GB Cisco 450GB SAS 10k 6G 2.5I HDD for WAVE 7541

Cisco 450GB SAS 10k 6G 2.5" Hard Drive with Cisco Part #: DSK-7500-450GB Brand: Cisco Model Number: DSK-7500-450GB Specs:- ... more info

UCS-C3K-HD4TB Cisco 4TB SAS 7.2K 3.5In 12G HDD for C3160 Servers

Cisco 4TB SAS 7.2K 3.5" 12G Hard Drives for UCS C3160 Servers Part #: HDD UCS-C3K-HD4TB Brand: Cisco Kit Part #: UCS-C3K-HD4TB ... more info
UCS-HD12TB10K12N Cisco 1.2TB 2.5In SAS Hard Drive
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UCS-HD12TB10K12N Cisco 1.2TB 2.5In SAS Hard Drive

Cisco UCS Series 1.2TB 2.5-Inch SFF 12Gbps 10K RPM 512n HS SAS Hard Drive for UCS C220 / C240 M5 Rack Servers Model: UCS-HD12TB10K12N Brand:... more info

UCS-HD4T7KS3-E Cisco 4TB SAS 7.2K 3.5In HDD for UCS Servers

Cisco 4TB SAS 7.2K 3.5" HDD for UCS UCSC Servers Part #: UCS-HD4T7KS3-E Brand: Cisco Kit Part #: UCS-HD4T7KS3-E  Cisco Part #:... more info

UCS-HDD1TI2F212 Cisco ES 1TB 7.2K SAS 3.5I Hard Drive

CISCO 1TB 72RPM SAS 3.5in Hot Plug Hard Drive with Tray Cisco Part #: UCS-HDD1TI2F212 Brand: Cisco Part #: UCS-HDD1TI2F212 Specs:-... more info

UCS-HDD2TI2F213 Cisco 2TB 7.2K 3.5In 6G SAS Hot-Swap Hard Drive

Cisco 2TB 7.2K 3.5" 6G SAS Hot-Swap Hard Drive HDD UCS-HDD2TI2F213 For UCS M3 Brand: Cisco Part #: 9ZM275-175 Cico Part #: 58-0142-01 ... more info
UCS-S3260-G2SD24 Cisco UCS 240GB S3260 BOOT SATA SSD
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UCS-S3260-G2SD24 Cisco UCS 240GB S3260 BOOT SATA SSD

Cisco UCS 240GB S3260 BOOT SATA Solid State Drive Part #: UCS-S3260-G2SD24 Brand: Cisco Part #: UCS-S3260-G2SD24 Specs:-  ... more info
UCSC-C3X60-10TB Cisco 10TB SAS 12Gb/s 3.5Inch 7.2K UCS C3160 HDDUCSC-C3X60-10TB Cisco 10TB SAS 12Gb/s 3.5Inch 7.2K UCS C3160 HDD
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UCSC-C3X60-10TB Cisco 10TB SAS 12Gb/s 3.5Inch 7.2K UCS C3160 HDD

Cisco 10TB SAS 12Gb/s 3.5" 7.2K Hard Drive HDD For UCS C3160 Part #: UCSC-C3X60-10TB Brand: Cisco Drive Kit Model... more info

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