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Dell EMC Enterprise Solid-State Drives 
Dell Enterprise Solid State Drives 
Dell EMC™ offers different SSD solutions to meet diverse customer needs. Enterprise SSDs as a class are unique against client or consumer-based SSD in terms of reliability, performance and architecture.Enterprise-class SSDs are designed around enterprise application I/O (input/output) requirements concentrating on random and sequential I/O performance, reliability,endurance and protection of data during a sudden power-outage.

Understanding the basics of enterprise-class SSDs allow customers to make informed decisions when comparing solutions.

Over-provisioning: The Achilles' heel of SSDs are their write characteristics. To rewrite an area of an SSD that has already been written, the data must be erased and then written. Best practice dictates over-provisioning, which adds native flash capacity in the SSD to overcome a portion of the write performance penalty. It also utilizes the additional space to quickly write application data on areas of flash that are already in an erased state .

Write Endurance: Write endurance is the number of program/erase (P/E or write cycles) that can be applied to a block of flash memory before the storage media becomes unreliable. Due to different data center workloads and read/write needs, Dell EMC offers different enterprise SSDs with different endurance ratings so customers can design the right solution for their needs.

Below are the categories of enterprise SSDs Dell EMC offers:

  • Write Intensive (WI): 50/50 read/write workloads with highest endurance. HPC, database logging, and caching are example workloads.
  • Mix Use (MU): 70/30 read/write workloads with medium endurance. E-mail/messaging, OLTP, and E-commerce are example workloads.
  • Read Intensive (RI): 90/10 read/write workloads with lower endurance. Database warehousing, media streaming, and VOD solutions are example workloads.
  • Boot Optimized (Boot): Lowest cost/small capacity SSDs designed to be used as a boot device in servers. Low endurance is also a characteristic.

      Dell EMC enterprise SSDs support the following options.

  • SATA SSD: SATA SSDs are based on the industry standard SATA interface. SATA SSDs provide reasonable performance for certain enterprise applications.
  • Value SAS SSD: Value SAS is a new class of SAS SSD that leverages the PowerEdge SAS server infrastructure to deliver better performance, latency, and reliability than SATA SSDs, at a comparable price. These drives are lower cost and have lower performance than standard SAS SSDs, positioning their performance characteristics between SATA and standard SAS. Value SAS is an easy replacement for SATA SSDs and provide greater value for most enterprise applications.

  • SAS SSD: SAS SSDs are based on the industry standard SAS interface. SAS SSDs combine superior reliability, data integrity, and data fail recovery making them better than SATA SSDs for most enterprise applications.

  • PCIe SSD: The Dell EMC PowerEdge Express Flash PCIe SSD is a high performance solid state storage device that enables IOPS performance of up to 2000X more than conventional rotating hard drives.


All our Dell hard drives, new or refurbished, are supplied with a minimum of 12 months warranty. Our refurbished Dell hard drives are fully tested by our own in-house technicians and engineers using Dell's own diagnostic tools and will be supplied with an OEM Dell drive caddy for your PowerEdge server or PowerVault storage array. 

Please don't hesitate to contact us on 0861 711 712 (within RSA) or +2711 027 6793 (International) should you require a specific brand and/or different ssd from our listing. Alternatively email us with your request. Our sales consultants will gladly assist you with your purchase*.

006VJ7 Dell / Toshiba PX04SRB048 480GB SAS Solid State Drive

Dell / Toshiba PX04SRB048 480GB 12.0 Gbps Enterprise Multi-Level Cell (eMLC) Read Intensive 1-DWPD Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) Solid-State Disk Drive... more info

03WWG Dell 3.84TB SAS 3.5 12Gb/s 14G Hybrid Kit RI SSD

Dell 3.84TB SAS 3.5" 12Gb/s SSD 14G HYBRID KIT READ-INTENSIVE FS DPN: 03WWG Model: PMX5R Brand: Dell Part... more info

0DMF5Y Dell 1.6TB 6G 2.5 MLC SATA MU (Mixed Use) SSD in G176J

Dell 1.6TB 6Gbps 2.5inch SFF SATA Mixed-Use (MU) Hot-Plug SSD (Solid State Drive) in Dell G176J 2.5-inch Hot-Plug Drive Tray DPN: 0DMF5Y,DMF5Y ... more info

0FN72J Dell Enterprise Plus PX05SMB160Y 1.6TB SAS SSD

Call for Price
Dell / Toshiba Enterprise 1.6TB MLC SAS 12Gbps Write Intensive (SIE / PLP) 2.5-inch Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) Bare Drive... more info

0FYFW Dell 1.92TB SAS 2.5 12G Solid State Drive (SSD)

Dell 1.92TB SAS 2.5" 12G Solid State Drive (SSD) DPN:0FYFW,PX05SRB192Y Brand: Dell Part #: 0FYFW,PX05SRB192Y Specs:-   ::  Solid... more info
0PRKHD Dell Enterprise Plus 200GB SAS SSD
Sold Out

0PRKHD Dell Enterprise Plus 200GB SAS SSD

200GB SAS SSD Dell Enterprise Plus PRKHD | SanDisk Lightning SXKLTK | SDLTODKM-200G-5C21 Brand: Dell Part #: 0PRKHD Alt MPNs:... more info

0VCRY6 Dell 800GB 2.5 SATA 6G MU SSD in G176J Tray

Call for Price
Dell 800GB SSD SATA 2.5" 6GB/s MLC Solid State Drive Toshiba Model: THNSF8800CCSE, DPN: 0VCRY6,VCRY6 Brand: Dell Manufacturer: Toshiba Dell... more info

0XCRDV Dell 3.84TB SAS 2.5 12G Solid State Drive (SSD)

Dell 3.84TB SAS 2.5" 12G Solid State Drive (SSD) DPN:XCRDV,PX05SRB384Y This is a Dell 3.84TB SAS 2.5" Solid State Drive Brand: Dell Part... more info

0Y4TH9 Dell Compellent 1.92TB SAS RI Enterprise Plus SSD

Call for Price
Dell Compellent 1.92TB SSD 12Gb/s 2.5" SAS Read Intensive Enterprise Plus Solid State Drive in 07D4F6 tray DPN: 2KTKJ... more info

2CC4N Dell 1.6TB SATA 6Gbs 2.5in Intel S3610 SSDSC2BX016T4R SSD

Dell Enterprise 2CC4N / Intel SSDSC2BX016T4R 1.6TB SATA SSD Brand: Dell / Intel Part #:-         Dell Part #: 2CC4N,... more info
3481G Dell 200GB SATA 2.5In 6G MLC Mixed Use SSD
Sold Out

3481G Dell 200GB SATA 2.5In 6G MLC Mixed Use SSD

Dell / Intel 200GB 2.5 inch 6Gbps MLC SATA SSD DPN: 3481G, Intel Part #: SSDSC2BX200G4R Brand: Dell Dell Part #: 3481G,03481G Manufacturer:... more info

3GWTH Dell 480GB TLC SATA 2.5 6Gb/s 14G S4610 Series MU SSD

DELL 480GB TLC SATA 2.5 6Gb/s 14G S4610 Series Mixed Use (MU) SSD Kit DPN: 3GWTH ,03GWTH Brand Dell Part # ... more info

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