EMC Hard Drives

As your EMC CLARiiON, VNX, and AX series grow older, sourcing the exact part number replacements for hard drives can get harder and harder. This guide attempts to help you on how to determine the part number and see compatible part numbers for your system.

Determining EMC Hard Drive Part Numbers

There is a good chance that there are many part numbers listed on a single drive pulled from an EMC array. The generic EMC Model Number does not appear on a drive (e.g. EMC CX-SA07-010 1TB SATA Hard Drive). The disk part number (PN) appears on a label on the front of the disk carrier. This is a nine digit Top Level Assembly (TLA) Part Number like PN 005123456. There are several TLA part numbers that fall under the same EMC model number.

Determining EMC Hard DRive TLA Part Number

Example: Your hard drive has a TLA Part number reading 005048797. Your replacement has a TLA part number 005049070. These are both the same EMC hard drive model number CX-SA07-010 and are hot-swappable.

All EMC refurbished drives on offer at Tekmart Africa have been tested and DOD wiped. Please contact us with any questions or part requests. We stock a wide range of EMC and additional enterprise storage hardware to suit your needs!

To function properly, serial advanced technology attachment (SATA) or serial attached SCSI (SAS) disks in an  storage system require that each storage processor run minimum versions of the EMC FLARE® Operating Environment (FLARE OE)

Verify that the proper version of FLARE OE is running on the storage system before installing any disk drives. Results ranging from nonrecognition of the drives to data loss may occur if an improper FLARE OE version is installed.

Use the EMC Navisphere® Express software to view the  FLARE OE version. Open Navisphere Express for the  storage system and select Software from the System menu to open the System Software page.

If the FLARE OE does not meet the minimum version required for your disks then upgrade FLARE OE on the storage systems before installing the disk. The disk part number (PN) appears on a label on the front of the disk carrier.

Figure 1: An example of where the EMC drives are designed to be used, in both form factors (2.5' and 3.5')- In a VNX5200 storage enclosure:

EMC Hard Drives

005048596 EMC 500-GB 2GB 7.2K 3.5 FC HDD

EMC 500-GB 2GB 7.2K 3.5 FC HDD Part #: 005048596 Description: Genuine EMC 500GB 7.2K 3.5-inch 2GB Fibre Channel (FC) Hot-Plug Hard Drive... more info

005048602 Seagate/EMC 146-GB 15K FC-AL

Seagate/EMC 146-GB 15K FC-AL Part #: 005048602 Description: Seagate/EMC 146GB 15K Fibre Channel Drive 40 pin 2GB/s HotSwap for EMC Part... more info


EMC CLARIION 1TB SATA / FIBRE CHANNEL DISK DRIVE Part #:  005048797 Product Condition Refurbished hardware, used and tested Part... more info

005048848 EMC 300-GB 4GB 15K 3.5 FC HDD

EMC 300-GB 4GB 15K 3.5 FC HDD emc part #: 005048848 Description: This is a genuine EMC 300GB 15K 3.5-inch 4GB Fibre Channel (FC) Hot-Plug... more info

005048954 EMC CX-4G10-450 2/4Gb/s 450GB 10k RPM FC Hard Drive

EMC 2/4Gb/s 450GB 10k RPM FC Hard Drive Part #: CX-4G10-450,005048954, 118032663-A01 Brand: EMC Part # : 005048954, 118032663-A01 Specs:- ... more info

005048955 CX-4G10-600 EMC 600-GB 4GB 10K 3.5 FC HDD

EMC 600GB 4GB 10K 3.5 FC HDD Part #: 005048955 Brand: EMC Part #: 005048955 Condition: New Warranty: 1 (one) year Tekmart warranty ... more info

005049076 EMC 200GB 4GB 3.5 FC SSD

EMC 200-GB 4GB 3.5 FC SSD Part #: 005049076 Description: Genuine EMC 200GB 3.5-inch 4GB Fibre Channel (FC) Solid State Drive Hot-Plug Hard... more info

005049129 EMC VMAX 400GB SSD 3.5 Hard Drive 005049268, 00504961

EMC VMAX 400GB SSD 3.5″ Hard Drive Part #: 005049129, 005049268, 005049611, 005049783 Brand: EMC Part #:005049268, 005049611, 005049783,... more info

005049205 VX-VS10-900 EMC 900-GB 6G 10K 3.5 SAS HDD

EMC VX-VS10-900 900GB SAS 10k 3.5 inch Part #: 005049205, 005049924 Description: Genuine EMC 900GB 10K 3.5-inch 6G Serial Attached SCSI (SAS)... more info

005049206 EMC 2.5 900GB 10K SAS Hard Drive (005049295)

V2-2S10-900 EMC 2.5″ 900GB 10K SAS Hard Drive Part #:  005049295, 005049206, 005049951 Description Maximize the storage capacity... more info

005049225 V2-PS07-020 EMC 2-TB 6GB 7.2K 3.5 SAS HDD

EMC V2-PS07-020 2TB NL SAS for VNXe3100 VNXe3150 V2-DAE-12 005049225 This is a Genuine EMC 2TB 7.2K 3.5-inch 6GB SAS Hot-Plug Hard Drive in... more info

005049267 EMC VMAX SE VMAXe 200gb SSD 3.5 FC Hard Drive

EMC 200GB Fiber Channel 4GB/s 3.5-inch Solid State Drive for CLARiiON VMAX and CX4 Series Storage System Part #: 005049267 This is a... more info

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