Fibre Attached Technology Adapted (FATA) or FC-ATA is a type of computer hard disk driveFATA is simply the low cost ATA orSATA disk drive equipped with a small external converter, that bridges the interface to Fibre Channel (FC).

FATA is essentially FC attached disk drive with dual porting similar to a regular FC disk drive. The big difference is in the price and lower performance -- putting FATAon par as an alterative to Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) disk drives offered by other vendors.

Simply put...

Short for Fibre Channel ATA FATA is a hybrid hard drive first introduced by HP in 2004 that combines both Fibre Channel and ATA technologies. FATA drives use an ATA drive mechanism, offering the same performance and capacity as a standard ATA drive, but also feature a Fibre Channel connector, which enables the FATA drive to be used where conventional Fibre Channel drives are currently connected.

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454414-001 HP 1TB 7.2K M6412 FATA Hard Drive

HP 1TB FATA 7.2K LFF EVA M6412 Hard Drive HPN: 454414-001 This is a genuine HP 1TB Fiber Channel (FC)  3.5 Inch M6412 Enclosure Hard... more info

454416-001 HP 1TB FATA EVA M5314 7.2K Hard Drive

HP EVA 1TB 7.SK FATA HDD Hard Disk Drive for (Enterprise Virtual Arrays)  EVA 3000/5000 4000/6000/8000 4100/6100/8100 and StorageWorks... more info
637981-001 HP M6412A 2TB 7.2K FATA DP HARD DRIVE637981-001 HP M6412A 2TB 7.2K FATA DP HARD DRIVE
Sold Out

637981-001 HP M6412A 2TB 7.2K FATA DP HARD DRIVE

HP M6412A 2TB 7.2K FATA DUAL PORT HARD DRIVE HPN: BV898A 637981-001 BV898-64201 Brand: HP Part #: 637981-001 Alt. Part #... more info

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