SCSI (pronounced SKUH-zee and sometimes colloquially known as "scuzzy"), the Small Computer System Interface, is a set of American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standard electronic interfaces that allow personal computers (PCs) to communicate with peripheral hardware such as diskdrives, tape drives and CD-ROM.

SCSI hard drives: 80-pin & 68-pin are for usage in servers and business workstations. 80pin SCA-2 hotswappable / hotswap disks are mounted into trays and are accessible from the front of the system. 68pin cabled drives are mounted internally with ribbon cables.

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0R4785 Dell 36GB 15k U320 SCA2 LFF SCSI Hard Drive

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Dell 36GB 15k U320 SCA2 LFF SCSI Hard Drive Part #: 0R4785 Brand: Dell Part #: 0R4785 Alt. Part #: R4785 Specs:- ... more info

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