SAS / SATA External Enclosures

SAS / SATA External Enclosures (no expander)

These tower and rackmount SAS enclosures offer reliable, inexpensive external RAID or JBOD storage with hot-swap capability for both SAS and SATA drives. The enclosures on this page do not have a SAS expander, so you will get maximum bandwidth from your drives at a cheaper price point.

The limitation is you need to run a cable to each connector on the enclosure. Each connector allows you to see four drives. Most RAID controllers have just two external connectors, so consider that when you need to go with a larger enclosure.

  •   ::  If you want to do RAID with a 12 bay or larger enclosure, you can buy a RAID card with internal ports, and run internal to external cabling from the card directly to the enclosure.
  •   ::  If you want to do JBOD, you can buy one or two HBAs with enough ports to utilize our 24 bay JBODs.

Most customers purchase our non-expander JBODs to use across multiple systems. Our 12 bay JBOD for example, can be split up to three computers, each controlling four drives.

These enclosures are  ideal for high availability and scalable server clustering environments and front-end storage subsystems used in clusters, SAN, and NAS environments at the data center.

MB324SP-B Icy Dock 4-bay SAS/ SATA Drive Enclosure

Icy Dock MB324SP-B Black 4-bay hot swap SAS/ SATA Drive Enclosure Internal Express Cage Model: MB324SP-B Brand: Icy Dock Item model number ... more info
MB608SP-B Icy Dock 6 Bay 2.5 Inch SATA & SSD HDD EnclosuresMB608SP-B Icy Dock 6 Bay 2.5 Inch SATA & SSD HDD Enclosures
Sold Out

MB608SP-B Icy Dock 6 Bay 2.5 Inch SATA & SSD HDD Enclosures

Icy Dock ToughArmor Rugged Full Metal 6 Bay 2.5" SATA HDD & SSD Removable Drive Enclosure Backplane Cage for 5.25" Bay... more info

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