Dell Enterprise Storage

The Dell/EMC family provides solutions for direct attached, storage area network (SAN) and network attached storage (NAS) environments. Dell/EMC FC5300, FC4500 and FC4700-2 fibre channel storage arrays provide highly available storage for a variety of workgroup, midrange and enterprise applications. The Dell/EMC storage offering also includes 8, 16, 32 and 64 port switches for consolidating storage in a SAN.

The Dell/EMC IP4700 provides a scalable high-end fibre channel NAS solution optimised for sharing information over IP networks. And the Navisphere® management suite allows customers to configure, monitor and manage Dell/EMC arrays.

Because of the powerful performance, exceptional data integrity and availability, world class service and support, flexible deployment and comprehensive software management, Dell/EMC products offer proven technology for meeting your business requirements.

Dell/EMC solutions deliver the ultra-high throughput required by your demanding applications. Dell/EMC storage arrays exploit the full potential of fibre channel by integrating a fibre channel disk interface that utilises a full 100MB/s bandwidth all the way to the disk drives.

And the Dell/EMC SAN takes advantage of the processing power offered by up to four host bus adapters (HBAs) in a single server and dual array controllers operating in active-active mode.


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