Dell DAS Storage

Direct-Attached Storage (DAS) refers to a digital storage system directly attached to a server or workstation, without a network in between.

Expand and accelerate data access

Dell Storage MD1420 - Expand and accelerate data access

PowerVault MD1400 and MD1420 Direct-Attached Storage (DAS) enclosures with 12Gb SAS throughput have been specifically engineered to work with the 13th and 14th generation of PowerEdge servers using the newest line of PowerEdge RAID Controller (PERC H830/H840) and 12Gb SAS cards. Scaling capacity behind innovative next-generation servers enables end-to-end 12Gb solutions with exceptional storage flexibility and IO performance for such applications as:

 - High-performance databases
 - Streaming digital media
 - Storage-intensive applications

Dell Storage MD1420 - Match your data requirements

Match your data requirements

With twice the data throughput as previous generation enclosures and flexibility to mix and match NL-SAS, SAS and SSD drives, the MD1400 and MD1420 offer you a wide variety of options that can fit your exact specifications. From the high-density MD1400 with up to 12 x 10TB 12Gb HDDs to the performance –optimized MD1420 with up to 24 x 12Gb 2.5" SSDs, whatever configuration you choose provides a viable storage solution for your particular workload.

Directly connect up to eight MD enclosures behind your PowerEdge server using a 12Gb SAS host bus adapter (HBA) or the PERC H830/H840 card. Provide up to 960TB maximum capacity (eight MD1400 enclosures, each with 12 x 10TB 7200 rpm 3.5" SAS HDDs) or up to 192 high-speed SSDs (eight MD1420 enclosures, each with 24 x 12Gb SAS 2.5" SSDs) for each server.

Dell Compellent SCv3020 12G SAS Controllers Storage

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Dell EMC SCv3020 12G SAS / SSD Compellent Storage Brand: Dell EMC Model: SCv3020 Specs:-   ::  Type: Enterprise... more info

Dell PowerVault MD1220 Direct Attached Storage (DAS)

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Dell PowerVault MD1220 Storage Array Brand: Dell Product Line: PowerVault Product Type: Rackmount Storage Form Factor: 2U... more info

KTN-STL3 EMC 15 Bay Chassis (x15) 005049449 SAS 2TB 7.2k RPM HDD

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EMC KTN-STL3 15 Bay Chassis Populated with 15 SAS 2TB 7.2k RPM Hard Drives (005049449) Brand: Dell EMC Model:KTN-STL3 Specs:-   :: ... more info

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