Gift Certificates

A Gift Certificate Product is an item that can be bought at a store for a specified rand / dollar amount. During purchase, a special code is created on the store which acts as a credit on the store for the rand / dollar amount/face value of the purchased gift certificate. During purchase, the shopper buying the gift certificate can either use the Gift Certificate code themselves at a later time, or have it sent to a friend for them to use on your store.

Every purchased gift certificate has a unique code. Be aware that the code will be randomly generated. Gift Certificate codes will be completely random including the letters present in the code.

When a customer purchases a gift certificate, they can email the code to their recipient or themselves.

When redeeming a gift certificate code at checkout, customers will see the certificate value subtracted from their order total. They can also see the balance remaining on the gift certificate.

Ps. note:

Gift Certificates are non-taxable and sold for the specified amount. Discounts, promotions, customer pricing levels and coupons cannot be used to purchase them.

If unsure how to purchase and use these gift cerificates at Tekmart Africa, contact customer care and a friendly consultant will gladly assist.

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Tekmart Answers your Gift Certificate Questions.

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