3.5Inch SCSI SCA 80-Pin Wide

3.5" SCSI SCA 80-Pin Wide, Wide LVD Interface

These 80pin SCA-2 hotswappable / hotswap disks are mounted into trays and are accessible from the front of the system.



05F397 Dell 18gb 10K U160 80pin SCSI Hard Disk Drive

Seagate Cheetah 36ES ST318406LC 18GB 10K U160 80pin SCA-2 SCSI Hard Drive   This is a genuine DELL 18.2Gb 10000Rpm 80Pin Ultra160 Scsi... more info

07N3240 IBM Hard drive 18.2GB 10000rpm 4MB 3.5in 80pin Ultra160

IBM Hard drive 18.2GB 10000rpm 4MB 3.5" 80pin Ultra160 SCSI FRU: 07N3240 Brand: IBM Part #: 07N3240  Model: DDYS-T18350 Specs:- ... more info

0H4888 DELL 36GB 10K SCSI 80-PIN 3.5IN MODEL: MAP3367NC

Dell 36gb 10K U320 SCSI 80Pin HDD Server Hard Disk Drive DPN: 0H4888 Brand: DELL Manufacturer: FUJITSU Part #: 0H4888 Specs:- Fujitsu... more info

0Y4628 Dell Cheetah 10K.7 146GB 10K 80pin SCA-2 U320 SCSI HDD

Dell 146GB 10000RPM Ultra-320 SCSI 80-Pin 8MB Cache 3.5-inch Hot-Pluggable Hard Disk Drive DPN: 0Y4628,Y4628 Brand: Dell Part #: ... more info

540-4520 Sun 3rd Party Compatible SCSI Hard Drive Kit

Sun 3rd Party Compatible 36 GB Internal 10,000 RPM Ultra320 SCSI Hard Drive Kit Part #: 540-4520 Brand: Sun Microsystems Oracle / Sun Part... more info

540-5937-02 (DK32EJ-72NC) Hitachi SCSI 73GB Hard Drive

Hitachi SCSI Hard Drive 73GB 10K U320 80pin SCA-2 with Model #: DK32EJ-72NC Part #: 540-5937-02,DK32EJ-72NC,3900108-04 Brand: SUN ... more info

9U9006-004 SEAGATE 36GB 15K U320 80PIN SCSI

R793.80  R754.11
SEAGATE 9U9006-004 36GB 15K U320 80PIN SCSI Brand: Dell Seagate Part #: 9U9006-004 Specs:- Type: Server Hard Drive Interface: U320... more info

HC492 Dell 300-GB U320 SCSI 10K with 9D988 tray

Dell 300-GB U320 SCSI HP 10K with 9D988 caddy / tray / sled dpn HC492 Description: This is a genuine Dell OEM 300GB Ultra320 3.5-inch SCSI... more info

MAS3367NC Fujitsu 36GB SCSI Hard Drive

Fujitsu MAS 36GB 15K U320 80pin SCA-2 SCSI Hard Drive Model: MAS3367NC Brand: Fujitsu Siemens Part #: MAS3367NC, CA06227-B23400FS Specs:- ... more info

MBA3147NC Fujitsu 147GB 15K U320 80pin SCA-2 SCSI Hard Drive

Fujitsu 146GB 15K RPM 80-pin SCSI Hard Drive Part #: MBA3147NC,CA06708-B200 Brand: Fujitsu Part #: CA06708-B200 Model: MBA3147NC  ... more info

ST3146707LC Seagate 146GB Ultra320 10K Hard Drive

Seagate 146GB 10K RPM Ultra320 80-pin SCSI Hard Drive Part #: ST3146707LC This is the genuine Seagate 146GB Ultra 320 (U320) 3.5-inch SCSI... more info

ST336607LC SUN36G Sun 36GB 10000rpm U320 80pin SCSI HDD

SUN36G 36GB SCSI 80PIN 10000RPM 3.5'' PART #: 3900160-03, 540-5936-02 MODEL: ST336607LC This is a genuine Sun OEM spare part with... more info

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