Recovery SATA Hard Drives

Bad sectors are little clusters of data on your SATA hard disk, or any other mechanical hard drive in this case, that cannot be read. More than that, though, they have the potential to cause real damage to your hard drive (catastrophic failure) if they build up over time. There are various reasons that can cause HDD bad sectors, including , but not limited to:-

  • :: Improper shutdown of Windows;
  • :: Defects of the hard disk, including general surface wear, pollution of the air inside the unit, or the head touching the surface of the disk.

The part of the SATA hard disk that stores the data is known as platter. Platters are circular disk made of a non magnetic material typically aluminum alloy, glass or ceramic and are coated with a thin layer (10-20nm) of a magnetic material. Platters are further separated in to the tracks and sectors where tracks are concentric circles while sectors are pie shaped wedges on the track.

Here we will continously list replacement, by model or part numbers, SATA hard drives that you could use either to replace these platters and /or any other component should you wish to do some data recovery on your projects. Keep checking since these are added on a weekly basis !


The drives listed in this section are meant for data recovery companies or professional data recovery experts who has the requisite technological skills to use them in the process of data recovery.

Recovery SATA Hard Drives