Lockdown extended by an extra 2 weeks until the end of April

Lockdown extended by an extra 2 weeks until the end of April

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa extended our national lockdown to curb the spread of the coronavirus by two weeks until the end of April as infections continued to mount. 

We are all watching the development of this coronavirus pandemic with feelings of concern and uncertainty. We all – the Tekmart Africa family and the world in general – are in uncharted territory, and it is important that we remain calm, show solidarity and stand by each other in this difficult time.

To protect you and your families, our business, and the communities we live and work in, we have been working remotely and for those of us who do fulfillments, we have been implementing contactless deliveries. This means that as many staff members as possible are asked to work from home. By doing so, we will live up to our social responsibility to prevent the virus spreading further, while ensuring the business continuity that supports and enables our customers and the ecosystems we operate in.

Our sales and support teams are working remotely and are available via email and phone 24/7.

Essential health care, government, military, financial, educational and small businesses have our support. These have not been affected by our services rationing. We will continue to deliver.

Most of you have been and will now be distanced socially a little longer from your colleagues, staff and partners, please stay in touch with each other and offer each other the necessary support.

Again, and as always, the Tekmart Africa family is keeping everyone in our thoughts during this period. This too shall come to pass.

The Tekmart Management