Temporary Halt for walk-in customers and order collections

Temporary Halt for walk-in customers and order collections

We are in the middle of Covid-19 pandemic and winter is in full swing. We are worried that the infection might spread slightly quicker.

We have therefore implemented a temporary halt for walk-in customers to our collections' point and our warehouse. This is for the safety of both our staff and our clients. We do not want to put ourselves, as well as you, our client,  in harm's way.  This will assist us in mitigating the effects of the projected rapid spread trajectory of the infections.

We are still fully operational, minus the walk-in element and personal collections. We will only allow courier companies who have established contactless collections for delivery to our clients. This means that unfortunately, the "Customer collection option from Johanesburg" component in the choice of Shipping options, on our eCommerce site will be disabled during this time.

In terms of sales collection, all online orders will remain the same. If you have placed your order online, you will not be eligible for collection- it will be couriered to you by FedEx, our delivery enablement partners. We will send you  a "ready for collection email" which will enable you to arrange collection of  your order.

Lastly, you are still able to place orders and speak to our solutions consultants via phone or email and our support staff via email only.

Please take care and stay safe. Be vigilant, observe good hygiene and practise social distancing. This too shall come to pass

The Tekmart Management