New payment methods enabled at Tekmart Africa by Payfast

New payment methods enabled at Tekmart Africa by Payfast

Following the launch of their awesome new system, Payfast is pleased to offer even more value to your shopping experience  by partnering with RCS Group, South Africa’s leading consumer finance provider, to have their selected store cards accepted for online purchases at their registered merchants.

We can now accept a number of popular store cards, including RCS, Game, Cape Union Mart, Makro, Builders, CTM and more at Tekmart Africa.

Which store cards can be used on PayFast for online purchases at Tekmart Africa?

The following store cards can be used to pay with PayFast:

  •   ::  RCS Store Card
  •   ::  Game Mystore Card
  •   ::  Makro Credit
  •   ::  Builders Store Credit
  •   ::  Cape Union Mart Group Card
  •   ::  Keedo Store Card
  •   ::  Old Khaki Store Card
  •   ::  Poetry Store Card
  •   ::  Tread+Miller Store Card
  •   ::  VIP Store Card
  •   ::  CTM Store Card
  •   ::  Contempo Store Card
  •   ::  Supa Quick Store Card

On the usual checkout page, select Payfast as the payment method, select the card you wish to use for your purchase and follow the prompts. 

Its that easy.

The best part is that you don’t need to do anything to enable these store cards as a payment method, as ithey have already been automatically enabled for you by Payfast !