Rail Kits (Rackmount)

Want to tidy up your data center?

Have servers that do not have the mounting kits to rack them up? From different brands?

Or you have procured a server and / or storage system that did not come standard with the mounting rails?

If this sounds familiar, well you have landed at the right place !

At Tekmart Africa, we are in-stock supplier of these rail kits. 

What are these?

Rail kits and rackmounts allow for easy installation and organization of rack components. We offer various rail kits and rackmounts, for example, we have universal kits, extension kits, shelf mount kits, et cetera. You can also find cable management arms in our selection, so you can organize your cables as well. They are generally manufacturer, server model and server version specific. 

We offer rail kits/rackmounts from SUN, NetApp, EMC and Cisco, just to mention a few. Our online store is available 24/7 all year round, so you can read more about specifications, availability and prices any time, and buy rail kits or rackmounts whenever it is convenient for you.

Static Rails vs. Sliding Rails:-a brief explanation and differences::
When you’re dealing with rail kits, you can classify them between sliding rails and static rails.

  • ::  Sliding rails allow you to fully extend your system out of the rack – just like the silverware drawer in you kitchen – which makes it very simple to service the system without having to actually “remove” it from your server rack.
  • ::  Static rails do not offer you the ability to extend the system and service it as easily as a sliding rail, but they do provide more flexibility with the types of racks and installations that are supported.

In order to make sure you select the correct rail kit for your device, you will need the model number of your device / system and the type of rack you have.

Equipment racks can come as two post racks or four post racks with either square holes or round holes. Rail kits will need to not only work with the specific system but also either be universal or created specifically for one of these rack types.

If you have questions, special requests, or need help, our sales team is ready to help you! Tekmart Africa has one of the largest inventory of EOL equipment in Southern Africa. We are experts in giving new life to used equipment by refurbishing it, and offer mainly refurbished rail kits and rackmounts.

If you are looking to extend the life of your old system, take a look at our selection, or contact us with your requests!

Please note: 

** Often when servers are taken out of service, the inner rails are left on the servers while the outer rails are liquidated with the racks. You could get your full kits here; or even the outer and / or inner rails separately at Tekmart Africa **.


Rail Kits (Rackmount)